Hamilton wants to see multiple race winners in 2018

Thuesday, 13 march 2018, 05:40 , by Martin Macdonald

Lewis Hamilton has surprisingly claimed that he wants to see multiple Grand Prix winners in the 2018 Formula One season as it would be "good for the sport" and has recognised Red Bull as perhaps the biggest challenger for Mercedes in the constructor's championship.

Mercedes are going for their fifth title in a row, while Hamilton is aiming to become only the third driver in history to win at least five driver's world championships alongside Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio.

There is no doubting that the Silver Arrows are enjoying a period of dominance, but Hamilton is hoping for a more spread list of winners in 2018 as it provides a better spectacle for the fans.

“The ultimate goal is that we hopefully have more teams fighting for the championship,” Hamilton said when asked by journalists if he was looking forward to potential increased competition this season.

“I think there was one year where had six different winners in the first six races, or whatever it was. That’s only good for the sport.

“The more competition there is, the more fun it is to watch. I like you have grown up watching the sport, being a fan of it and seeing it when it’s been a one team championship and seeing it when there’s been a couple fighting so I am really hopeful.”

Out of the potential challengers for Mercedes, Hamilton mentioned Red Bull as arguably the main challenger.

“I think Red Bull could be a real challenge this year," Hamilton continued.

"Their car looks great and I haven’t seen anything from what Ferrari have been doing, but for sure they’ll be good. It’s going to be exciting.”

Last season, Hamilton's main rival for the majority of the campaign was Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari. The duo even clashed mid-race in Baku which led to Vettel receiving a fine, but Hamilton has denied that he likes to play mind games against rivals.

“I don’t play anybody. I go out there to win. I don’t feel like I have to play on any individual's strengths and weaknesses. I just have to go out there to grow and be as strong as I can be. 

“I truly believe if I am living to my own capacity then hopefully I should be a strong contender. I am really hoping these guys, I am sure they’re on it, I can’t wait for the first race to see where we all come out.

“I hope we are super close and it’s all down to within a tenth of a second, and it all comes to down to perfecting laps. I think then people are on the edge of their seats.”

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  • Shafin Ahmed
    Excuse me asshole #Shamilton, Who the fuck do you think of yourself, giving a statement like that as if you control F1? Are you a fucking board of director at Formula one?? You prick!
  • Dean Williams
    Of course he does he’s a racing driver you would automatically want a challenge. Anybody would if there was no challenge in it nobody would want to do it.
  • Liz Ann Hurcombe
    Years we had scheumacher wining.hamiltion &vettel winning. But in the end young ones come along we have new champion.
  • Arwinder Singh
    He is just saying it...when vettel was winning races ...everybody saw the jealousy he had on his face lol
  • Buysse Marc
    I hope that his garbage truck falls silent this year, Hamilton is a cry baby nothing more and nothing less
  • Goran Musinovic
    You’ll be looking up at Seb on the first place podium plenty this season. Don’t worry.
  • Ikpegbu Ifeanyi
    Then drive your car at STRAT ten or whatever rather than using the highest engine modes
  • Jody Harrison
    This guy is like some with multiple personality disorder sometimes.
  • Corey Christensen
    Then maybe he and Mercedes should sit this season out...
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Perhaps he knows his car is no longer competitive...
  • Anet Kotze
    YES only the old GOATS on the podium !!!! LOL
  • Scherwing Samson-Renales
    Him and Bottas. More than one is multiple? Lol
  • Norbert Hennemann
    As long as he wins in the end.
  • Antonio Ridley
    Kyle Ridley hahaha he’s full of shit
  • Malcolm McIntosh
    He is such a dick
  • Paul Brown
    How generous of him.

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