Lights Out: Horner takes aim at Ferrari & Renault

Thuesday, 13 march 2018, 03:00 , by Matthew Scott

Screeching wheels, revving engines and Christian Horner aiming jabs at people - these truly are the sounds you associate most with Formula 1 nowadays. The Red Bull chief certainly has plenty to get off his chest. It's lights out for Tuesday morning!


Horner continued his recent role as chief pot-stirrer in an interview with El Confidencial. First in his sights were Ferrari, who he accused of holding F1 to "ransom" over their threats to quit the sport.

More familiar targets for Horner, of course, are Renault, whose underpowered engines have hindered Red Bull's progress in recent years. Could the Bulls switch to Honda power? It seems so...

The future of Daniel Ricciardo is also at the forefront of Red Bull minds. The Australian hopes going racing will help him as he ponders what to do in the final year of his contract.

A potential destination for Ricciardo is Ferrari. But only if you can prise the cold hands of Kimi Raikkonen off his steering wheel.

And the future of the German Grand Prix is in fresh doubt. Liberty Media are yet to open talks with the Hockenheimring over its future on the calendar.


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  • Andy Hall
    Ferrari can do 1 anyway, use their bribery payment to improve the sport and get in more teams
  • Adnan Curtovic
    Two Brits never play the mind games...Lewis and Horner

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