Hamilton: I gave everything, I have nothing left

Sunday, 12 november 2017, 13:08

Lewis Hamilton admitted he 'gave it everything' after he burst from the pitlane to finish in fourth position in Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix.

After spinning out in qualifying on Saturday, Hamilton was stuck at the back of the field but he was able to cut through the field with precision, picking up ten spots in the opening eight laps.

It looked at one point as if the world champion could challenge for the podium positions, but ultimate Hamilton had to settle for second - though he thoroughly enjoyed his experience.

He told reporters post-race: "It was fun. It was reminiscent of my karting days, particularly the first year or two. I messed up yesterday. I was quick enough to win the race from pole to flag and I didn't do that.

I made the job a lot harder today. My goal today was to redeem myself and make the team proud. I was trying to get back to third but I ran out of tyres in the end. This continues to show me and everyone that I still have a lot of fire in my heart, I have many more races to go.

"There's no room for mistakes when you want to be the best, but it happens, it's part of the growing process. I've had a very clean year, today has been a positive and to get back to fourth I have to be very very grateful.

"I had nothing left, I gave it everything in my heart."

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Comments (17)

  • Csaba Toth
    Beautifull driving...still thinking about that what can be happened when they need to do2 more laps...he will close to Raikonnen very...
  • Frank Luera
    When you have a superior car than anyone else in the field..even a bad driver can come from behind and finish in a good position !!
  • Col Fernando
    Good race, Hamilton did what we expected. I think we would all be stunned if he didn't make a finish like this
  • Federico Tombolini
    With (real) defences by the other drivers,he would finish the race fifth with over twenty seconds from Vettel...
  • Joshua Leads
    Hamilton does what he does. Sorry a 4 time champion does .
  • Blaž Štremfelj
    Hamilton: " i used all the engine modes, i had no more left"
  • Nuco Russberg
    Like a memorable Schumi race...
  • Tommy Ly
    Same what Seb did in last race
  • Kevin Bannister
    I knew he would be in the top 5
  • Jack Molak
    I think he went up enough gears for Max too. :-)
  • Ann-Marie Turner
    Just Wow - well done Lewis Hamilton x
  • Bobby Bass
    Bukowski? Please tell me he didn't...
  • Hansen Almani
    Never heard of her
  • Tony Bowler
    Don’t care.
  • Michael Culling
    Big deal
  • Miguel Atencia

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