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McLaren warns FIA policing of IP rules is "crucial"

McLaren warns FIA policing of IP rules is "crucial"


McLaren warns FIA policing of IP rules is "crucial"

McLaren warns FIA policing of IP rules is "crucial"

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl has left the FIA under no illusion as to the importance of policing intellectual property rules ahead of the 2022 regulation changes.

Last year, Racing Point, now Aston Martin, was found guilty of copying brake ducts that had run on the previous season's Mercedes, leading to a 15-point deduction of constructors' championship points and a €400,000 fine.

Following the ruling, the FIA released a technical directive to teams dictating the regulations around the flow of IP between teams.

WIth radical aerodynamic changes being introduced next year, Seidl urged the FIA to keep a watchful eye to ensure no team benefits from illegally obtained information.

"It is clear that it is very important to us that the FIA is on top of the policing of these regulations because, in the end, it is crucial also for our competitiveness in the future and for our journey back to the front in Formula 1," said Seidl.

He added: “I think the most important thing is that the regulations are crystal clear after everything that has been put in place last year.

"Also, this additional TD that was sent out I think is crystal clear and we have full trust in the FIA and we see also that they have put in a lot of energy in order to make sure that these rules get enforced.

“I can only speak for McLaren. We are an independent team. I can assure you we definitely didn’t get any information from any other teams developing this year’s car. It is again our own IP which you see on our car."

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner also commented on the importance of the rules being properly enforced by Formula 1's governing body.

He said: "Obviously, there is the topic of the 2022 car, which is a clean sheet of paper and again the FIA need to be on top of ensuring that no team artificially benefits through that of a customer or affiliate or associate team."


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