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Honda "tremendously accommodating" in Red Bull engine transfer

Honda "tremendously accommodating" in Red Bull engine transfer


Honda "tremendously accommodating" in Red Bull engine transfer

Honda "tremendously accommodating" in Red Bull engine transfer
Ian Parkes & Sam Hall

Christian Horner has praised power unit supplier Honda for its willingness to allow Red Bull to continue using its technology until 2025.

In October, Honda announced it would be walking away from Formula 1 at the end of this year after just a seven-season stay following its return to the sport with McLaren in 2015.

Until 2019, when Red Bull first used the Honda power unit, the team had been a customer of a rival team in Renault, a situation Horner did not want to return to.

In tandem with an engine freeze for three years from 2022, Red Bull and Honda struck a deal that will see the team take over the technology created by the Japanese manufacturer.

"I have to say, Honda have been tremendously accommodating to enable this to happen and to give us the necessary time to get ourselves geared up," said Horner.

Explaining the role Honda will play ahead of its departure, Horner added: “We have the introduction of a new fuel, the E10, so Honda will continue to develop the engine around that fuel.

"They will hand over the engine effectively for the start of the freeze and they will continue to assist during 2022 with the assembly of engines."

Whilst there will be a number of changes being made behind the scenes as Red Bull prepares to take on its additional duties, Horner confirmed it will be business as normal for Red Bull and Honda at race weekends this year.

With the team rolling out its new car for this year, the RB16B, for a filming day at Silverstone on Wednesday, Horner added: "Honda are continuing to operate as usual this year whilst they are committed to Formula 1 until December.

"During which time they will obviously be working with our fuel partner, Exxon Mobil, which they are currently doing with the development of the E10 fuel which is obviously the biggest regulation change into next year.

"So it is business as usual into the 2021 year and obviously the engine will be handed over for pre-season testing next year.”


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