Hulkenberg not a fan of grid girl ban or the halo

Saturday, 10 february 2018, 05:27 , by Matthew Scott

Nico Hulkenberg has hit out at the two major decisions made by Liberty Media and the FIA over the past couple of months which is the stoppage of the tradition of grid girls on the paddock and the introduction of the new halo safety device.

Last week, F1 made news worldwide when it was announced that they would be scrapping grid girls in favour of 'grid kids', with the tradition of the girls escorting drivers out on to the paddock not in keeping with Liberty Media's view of what the sport should be.

Hulkenberg is not a fan of the decision, and believes 'hot girls in front of the cars' can only be a good thing.

"It is a further step backwards for the show", Hulkenberg told No Sports magazine.

"Some hot girls in front of the cars is only good for that whole side of it."

The Renault driver also lamented the implementation of the halo, claiming that it looks 'stupid'.

"It's a big hit," he continued.

"Not only because it looks stupid, but the likelihood is minimal that an accident will happen in which Halo is actually helpful.

"Motor sport thrives on speed, and all the drivers are aware of that."

Hulkenberg is currently the longest-serving driver to have never claimed a podium spot, and has jokingly poked fun at the achievement, or lack thereof

"It's an achievement," he joked. "135 races without performing and still in Formula 1!

"I've always been a believer that when you work hard and stick at it, good things will happen. So I'm not under pressure and sure that my best years are still ahead of me."

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  • Sean Kelly Michaels
    Wtf they banned grid girls.....who....why....but...i dont....hell call it nascar
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    Pierre Souto, olha o boné do Hulkenberg hahahaa #Dekra
  • Carlos José Espínola Basualdo
    Feminazis gonna kill you.. poor Hulk
  • Richard Golen
    Liberty Media is going to kill F1!
  • Andrés Ramírez
    Y yo quiero ver qué ganes una carrera!
  • Isaac Hernández Montero
    Lida M Trejo, al menos es directo
  • Anthony Louloudis
    Big balls!!Go Hulk!!
  • Job Cuellar Salazar
    I want to see danica Patrick
  • Frase Kirk
    at least someone has sense
  • Craig Stepanek
    Well, he's free to go play FE

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