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Seidl warns against changing F1 "DNA"

Seidl warns against changing F1 "DNA"



Seidl warns against changing F1 "DNA"

Seidl warns against changing F1 "DNA"

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl believes it too early for Formula 1 to make long-term changes based on the unique Istanbul circuit conditions that made for a captivating race.

The Turkish Grand Prix was one of this year's more exciting races, with numerous drivers looking like candidates for victory at one point or another.

The slippery conditions proved difficult to master across the three days of running, yet made for edge-of-your-seat viewing.

Despite describing the race as "exciting", Seidl has warned against making changes based on a one-off scenario as witnessed in Turkey.

"I need to digest this race and weekend because there were a lot of comments in both directions, positive and negative what we have seen on the Friday and Saturday for Formula 1," said Seidl.

"Of course, a race like this, we have seen many times in wet conditions we have these exciting races with a lot of things happening.

"Everyone wants to see cars fighting on track, wants to see overtaking manoeuvres, wants to see that not the same cars are at the front and people can actually make up positions coming from the back.

"At the same time, Formula 1 is about normal conditions, designing the best car and the best performing car and it is also normal that the best car is in front in qualifying and the race as well. That is part of the DNA as well in Formula 1."

F1 will race under a new set of aerodynamic regulations from 2022, with the change pushed back by a year to reduce running costs as a reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.

Seidl believes these changes will be enough to spice up the action without a need for any artificial additions.

"I think there is a lot of positive stuff coming from 2022 onwards," he added.

"The new regulations which will allow the cars to race closer together, which will also allow more overtaking and all the other stuff that is also happening, like the financial cap that will also help to get the whole field closer together. Then I think there is no reason to be pessimistic."

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