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No time to worry about 'upsetting people' on team radio - Sainz

No time to worry about 'upsetting people' on team radio - Sainz



No time to worry about 'upsetting people' on team radio - Sainz

No time to worry about 'upsetting people' on team radio - Sainz

Carlos Sainz has said drivers have no time to worry about upsetting people despite being fully aware of the 'open mic' team radios.

The broadcasting of team radio gives a unique insight into what drivers are thinking while competing in grands prix. This quirk is something impossible to replicate in other sports, but also brings about its own problems with drivers focussed on the track and, according to Sainz, not on "thinking how to not upset people."

While some messages can provide amusement, both Sainz and his McLaren team-mate Lando Norris having been broadcast singing on the radio, others have caused controversy due to their expletive nature.

Asked to comment on the 'open mic' radios, Sainz said: "We know it is not private but in the moment, you are not thinking how to not upset the people that are listening to you or everyone else who listens."

He added: "We are athletes, we are on the peak of our pressure moments.

"I guess I would like to see other sports being broadcasted while they have a corner in the final of the Champions League, what are they saying to each other, what other football players say to each other.

"I think it would be quite interesting."

Directly referencing the expletive language used by drivers, even in moments of celebration, the Spaniard commented: "It is an advantage I think, to see what the drivers feel sometimes, the emotions.

"It doesn't mean that we swear more or less than the other sportsmen but we have a microphone constantly hearing what you are saying.

"It makes it attractive, it makes for some news and some funny moments sometimes.

"It is just you have to understand we are in the heat of the moment, we are under pressure and trying to do the best we can with everything, with adrenaline pumping really high."

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