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Formula 1 aiming for a near-normal 2021

Formula 1 aiming for a near-normal 2021



Formula 1 aiming for a near-normal 2021

Formula 1 aiming for a near-normal 2021

Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey has confirmed the sport is planning for a "pretty close" return to normality in 2021.

F1 and the FIA have done a remarkable job in compiling a 17-race calendar in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic that initially wiped out the opening 10 grands prix.

While fans have been absent from the first seven races of this new season, and will be again for next weekend's Italian Grand Prix, it is hoped a limited number of spectators will be present from the following round in Mugello.

For 2021, Carey has revealed a full 22-race calendar is scheduled, and with hopes high that greater numbers of fans will be in attendance.

Discussing what the future of F1 will look like next season, Carey told Sky Sports F1: "We’re certainly planning on a 2021 that may not be completely business back to normal, but it’s pretty close.

"There certainly is a schedule, like we planned for this year with 22 races. We’re planning to have fans back at races at the back-end of the 2020 schedule.

"We plan to have fans, plan to have a schedule that looks like that, and I think the world is going to need to figure out how does it move forward and how does it start to do these things."

Carey feels F1 is playing a supporting role to the host countries by highlighting what can be achieved despite ongoing coronavirus concerns, while for Liberty Media, it has simply delayed their plans to continue to grow the sport.

"In some ways, it provides us an opportunity for these countries to showcase that they’re moving forward," added Carey.

"2020 turned into something very different. I don't think it takes back from feeling, as we get through the virus, we'll be back on the course we were on.

"I think it felt like we were making headway and achieving the things we wanted - you never achieve everything you want to.

"But it feels a little different when you're living in the eye of the storm we've lived in for the last six months."

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