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Ferrari has made cost-cap sacrifice for good of F1 - Domenicali

Ferrari has made cost-cap sacrifice for good of F1 - Domenicali



Ferrari has made cost-cap sacrifice for good of F1 - Domenicali

Ferrari has made cost-cap sacrifice for good of F1 - Domenicali

Ferrari has shown it is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of Formula 1 by accepting the reduced cost cap, according to former Scuderia boss Stefano Domenicali.

Ferrari was not keen on the idea of the cap, and following its introduction, less so on it being lowered from the initial $175million to $145m, but eventually signed up to the deal.

Asked if Ferrari had accepted F1 needs the smaller teams, and had made sacrifices in recognition of this, Domenicali told the SkySports F1 Vodcast: “I think, from what I can see, that this was exactly the kind of approach that Ferrari had.

"Not only for Ferrari but also for the biggest organisations, to go down dramatically in cost is something that is not easy to achieve.

“We cannot forget that Ferrari, like Mercedes for example, has a structure that is there for the engine or the powertrain side too.

“As far as I can understand, they’ve now found an agreement to decrease the costs which is imperative in this moment.

“I think the work that has been shown, as I say, not only by Ferrari but also from Mercedes and Red Bull, is the way to do it, because there is no alternative.

“The situation is still very complex in that respect. We really hope that everyone can pass through this year, because this is a crucial year. From what I can see, I think that Liberty Media and the FIA are doing an amazing job to make sure that there is a vision after this big, big thunderstorm that is in our world.”

The FIA World Motorsport Council officially rubber-stamped the regulations for the 2020, '21 and '22 seasons on Wednesday, and these include a form of balance of performance - successful teams being more restricted in their use of wind tunnels while less successful teams are granted more data to work with.

Domenicali remained neutral towards these changes, but reminded fans of the cyclical nature of Formula 1.

The Italian added: “In my opinion, we cannot forget that cycles in Formula 1 have always been there. I remember the cycle of Williams, of McLaren, of Lotus, Ferrari, Mercedes – that’s part of the game.

“What, in my view, has to be very clear into the future is that the focus should be on the entertainment side where the drivers are the key personalities."

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