'Significant changes' coming in F1 broadcasting - Brown

Friday, 12 january 2018, 06:22 , by Matthew Scott

McLaren executive director Zak Brown has revealed that Liberty Media are planning 'significant changes' to the way that Formula One is broadcasted to viewers as the American owners of the sport continue to try and bring the sport into the digital age.

The previous ownership of Bernie Ecclestone has been criticised, even from Liberty Media themselves, for allowing F1 to fall behind other sports in terms of how it is marketed to fans, particularly digitally.

One of the main targets of Liberty is to improve and evolve F1 so that it is on par with other sports in their digital output. Brown has revealed the changes that were presented to team bosses by Sean Bratches, F1's commercial head.

"Before Christmas Sean Bratches presented the new F1 commercial strategy to us, the teams," Brown told jamesallenonf1.com.

"There is a huge emphasis on digital, as we know, but last year was about testing things out.

"For this year there are products in place, like a new F1 App, OTT platforms (Over The Top/streaming) and they have brought in David Hill, one of the great TV sports innovators, to oversee the graphics package and the way the race is televised.

"You'll see significant changes there on the broadcast, on the graphics and the storytelling."

Brown went on to claim that Liberty are also looking to increase fan engagement and try to engage a new generation of Formula One fans.

"Then on-event we'll see more fan engagement, building on last year and there will be new media properties to help fans get closer to the teams.

"I think the big impacts of 2018 will be on the media side, showing F1 in a way that it's never been shown before. It will give us a younger and bigger audience and they will be more engaged."

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Comments (15)

  • William S. Gatlos Jr
    Bernie is an idiot and he wrecked Formula One! There's no race in Germany because of Bernie! Oh my God this guy is a f****** joke and I can't believe you let this f****** joke run Formula One for so long when the most. When the most exciting thing that happens all weekend is qualifying you've got a real problem because otherwise the racing is boring it sucks and it has sucked for years. I'd be a lot more worried about evening the playing field then I would about who's going to f****** broadcast the goddamn events
  • Alex Ale
    99.9% of F1 fans are stuck in the Bernie era and all of you believe that he did the most amazing job to F1. That’s because he receive the chance to show what he can do to F1. He sold it, no one took it from him. Now he’s complaining about what Liberty Media it’s doing? He was suppose to think before the action was made. Use brains
  • Graham H Pratt
    The old fans do not typically have pay tv, I have watched f1 since I was a little child in England, now retired and living in Australia I find the free to air "highlights" an insult to the sport. I have as good as given up ever being able to see another full race!in short, benevolence is not a dirty word!
  • Hank Siarczynski
    US viewers still don't know who the commentators will be on ESPN/ABC. Rumors abound: using the world feed and their announcers; using their own in-house team; bringing in the guys from NBC (except Leigh Diffy); a combo? No one knows and no one's saying.
  • Martin Hossell
    So Liberty Media are changing the rules, changing the logo and now even changing the way we watch it? It’s getting out of hand. Bernie should have never sold F1 to them
  • Andy Hall
    Definitely needs an upgrade in look I want more interesting colourful cars too Look at the new WRC and BTCC cars just unveiled
  • Gabriel Spacca
    History. Study why F1 became popular in the first place. Nothing to do with how it’s shown. Everything to do with how they race.
  • Jason Burkinshaw
    Hopefully a decent/reasonably priced streaming service for those of us who can’t have sky.
  • William Walker
    It was good when items were allowed there were some sick shell throws and banana peel traps.
  • Michael Haskey
    If F1 is not going to be shown on free to air TV popularity will surely diminish.
  • Rafman Sulejmani
    They need to race and not block.... overtaking would help. Lol.
  • Karl Davy
    as long as that boxing announcer never graces f1 again it will be win
  • Dan Perkins
    Jeremey Clarkson replaces David Hobbes
  • Ted Reimann
    Haha, Bernie's face!

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