Liberty Media want to keep grid girls 'relevant'

Thursday, 11 january 2018, 06:15 , by Matthew Scott

Formula One's head of global sponsorship and commercial partnerships Murray Barnett has insisted that a female presence on the circuit is important and it is his wish to keep grid girls 'relevant' as the tradition is called into question for perhaps being outdated.

Grid girls have become synonymous with F1 and they can usually be found escorting drivers around the paddock, However, some critics believe the tradition is outdated and that females should be represented in a more substantial manner, perhaps even via a women's F1 series.

Barnett insisted that the girls would not be axed completely, but the format in which females are represented would be looked at.

"We’re 100% committed to looking into grid girls and making them a more relevant part of the competition rather than just holding a board and standing next to a car," Barnett told Marketing Week.

"We want to make them fully integrated into the programme and change the perception of what their involvement in the sport is.

"We haven’t quite cracked what this will look like, but we’ve recognised we need to become more progressive there."

With Liberty Media aiming to evolve the sport, Barnett revealed an ongoing debate as to whether there should be women drivers or even a women's F1 series.

"There is a fierce debate about whether we should have a separate female F1 competition or to keep it fully integrated and let women drivers take part in a mixed gender competition like some have done in the past.

"We have a lot of women in senior management positions at F1, so we’re not as bad as you think, but there’s definitely a lot of room to grow."

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  • James Harrison
    it seems liberty media have a set ideas of how F1 will be in the future. Whether it be from 'grid girls' or to standardising the engines. REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE FANS WANT!!. They need to start listening to the fans. Keep grid girls. Dont turn F1 into Indy by standardising the engines (I love Indy as well BTW). Liberty are possibly going to rip F1 apart and kill their golden goose. Whilst we are here BRING BACK TO OLD RACE TRACKS (as long as they are safe). GET RID of the souless, peopless new tracks that are only there because they are politically subsidised!!
  • Steven Miller
    So if I have this right......grid girls are being written off as cheap and tacky by the Femin*zis, but if women get their own F1 series it's suddenly okay?
  • Anthony May
    Women’s cars only? Will there be a ton of crashes? Maybe more than one team can win a race. If that’s the case then I’d watch
  • Tommy Ly
    What is motorsport without grid girls
  • Garry Halverson
    Please keep grid girls

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