Formula E will be only motorsport in 2040 - FE founder

Wednesday, 10 january 2018, 07:09 , by Matthew Scott

Formula E founder Alejandro Agag has claimed that FE will be the only game in town in around 20 years time as it is his belief the whole world will be reliant on electricity, never mind motorsport, while revealing the growth of the sport has went beyond expectations.

The all-electrical motorsport has grew in popularity significantly over the past 12 months and recently secured a $15 million-per-year deal with ABB to be their title sponsor.

Agag is excited about the future, and believes Formula E will be the only motorsport around in the future due to fossil duel issues.

"I think Formula E is going to get really, really big," Agag predicted.

"I believe that in 20, 30, 40 years, we will be the only motorsport out there.

"There may be others but we will be probably the main motorsport because the world will be electric. If the world is not electric in 20 or 30 years, we are in trouble.

"Even if that happens, then Formula E will be the championship of the cars."

Sir Richard Branson, who now owns a Formula E team after previously owning a F1 team, claimed that FE would surpass the popularity of the older sport by the end of the decade. Agag appreciated the comments from the billionaire, but insisted they are not competing with F1, yet.

"I never disagree with Richard Branson," Agag insisted "He's a very clever man and he gets it right most of the time.

"[But] we never like to put ourselves in competition with Formula 1. We love Formula 1, we think Formula 1 is great."

Agag was speaking to ESPN at an event in London for the launch of the new title sponsorship with ABB. This comes in addition to lucrative sponsorship deals with Visa, Julius Baer, Allianz, and Hugo Boss.

The FE founder claimed that the sport had went beyond expectations so far in terms of growth.

"We are far beyond our expectations from when we launched the project," Agag said. "I have been surprised.

"The title sponsorship" is another huge step. We wouldn't have imagined this when we started the project.

"We keep getting good surprises, so I think that probably means that we are moving in the right direction."

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  • Nico Mantani Awuapara
    En verdad como está la cosa ya va quedando cada vez menos que disfrutar y ahora con el anuncio de Ross Brown diciendo que quieren cambiar el formato de la F1 para "acercar la F1 al público". Será como el cambio que introdujeron para las clasificaciones que tuvieron que eliminarlo a la 3ra carrera por ser un definitivo mamarracho?
  • Anthony May
    Stopped really enjoying it when they took away fueling and the bigger engines. Now it’s just one team winning most of the races and the only drama is when teammates run into each other
  • Jack Bibb
    They fucked f1 when they went over to v6 engines. Bring back the v 8s 10s and 12s . Recapture that audience. Good on formula e to be honest.
  • Ryan Ashcroft
    Why is it that formula E cars only race on street circuits? Perhaps they should follow the F1 circus around the globe as a support race
  • Xavier Capela
    I agree, there will be a moment in the future where F1 and FE will merge into a single Sport.
  • Andy Hall
    Evolve or die Fossil fuels will even be illegal once technology gets to a certain stage anyway
  • Blaž Štremfelj
    the world is overwhelmed by stupid people, so the civilisation will probably end by then...hopefully
  • Vern Hellyer
    Doesn't help when the leaders seem content in killing F1. Put it back the way it was.
  • Gerardo Amador
    If there is dominance by one or two teasm just like today, then I don't mind.
  • Victor Herrero
    It has is called evolution...all the cars will be electric some day.
  • Guillermo Fabian Davila
    para entonces no voy a estar, mientras vamos con f1 y que vuelvan los v8 y v10
  • Mohammad Islam
    Ya you wish dumb a$$. Who watches Formula E crap anyway?
  • Nic Kerrison-Davey
    I'd rather watch paint dry.......oh,hang on a minute
  • John Saville
    Is that because all the oil will have run out by then???
  • Eli Hams
    Maybe in Europe. But we will nuke them by then. damn commies.
  • Clay Hammett
    If so, racing will not be on my list of interests.
  • David Kirschke
    As-if I’m going to care in 2040...
  • Alex Cepile
    f1 is dead and buried
  • Jack Chevallier
    Has went? What?
  • Paul Robbie
    I think not Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!

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