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No gimmicks to be used to improve races, says Carey

No gimmicks to be used to improve races, says Carey



No gimmicks to be used to improve races, says Carey

No gimmicks to be used to improve races, says Carey

Liberty Media boss and Formula 1 chairman Chase Carey has claimed that the sport's organisers will not resort to cheap gimmicks to try and improve the spectacle of Grand Prix races, whilst also stating his belief that races are not too long.

The American owners of F1 are reportedly looking at ways to improve the fan experience and viewing experience of a GP weekend, after previously causing controversy by abandoning the tradition of grid girls.

Speaking at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Carey initially shot down the idea of shortening races.

“Maybe I’m too American, I don’t actually think the race is [long]," he said.

"Every sport I follow in America is much longer than our races.”

Addressing any potential alterations to F1 to make it more entertaining, Carey assured that Liberty Media would not "gimmick the sport up" as it would be a deviation from tradition.

“I think we want to make sure we’re always looking for ways to improve the fan experience but in doing that respect the history of the sport and respect what makes the sport great. We’re not going to gimmick the sport up," he said.

“It’s a wonderful sport, it’s a sport with a great history, great fans. You’ve got to respect that but be open to ways that we can continue to create energy and create excitement about it. And you want to do that carefully when you’ve got a sport that has as many fans and as great a history as ours.

“But I don’t think there’s a goal specifically to say short [races] or what, I think there are other ways to energise and excite.”

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