Sauber struggles 'hurt' claims team founder

Monday, 08 january 2018, 08:08 , by Matthew Scott

Sauber team founder, Peter Sauber, has confessed that the team's current struggles in Formula One 'hurt', but went on to admit that he is glad to no longer be involved with the sport as the demands of ownership became too much in his latter years.

Sauber created his team in 1993 and although he no longer has any association with the day-to-day-running of the racing business, he still has a vested interested in seeing his ex-team do well. What makes it difficult for Sauber is that the team is not currently performing to their potential, something which 'hurts' the 74-year-old.

"It hurt," Sauber admitted. "We should at least be in the midfield and I think that's possible as well.

"It was important for me to get away and it wasn't so hard either, because the two years before that were very demanding. To survive as a Swiss team for 25 years in formula one is actually an impossible mission. Today, Sauber is the fourth oldest team after Ferrari, Williams and McLaren."

Sauber will now be partnered with Alfa Romeo in F1, and Peter Sauber has admitted that although this would be good for his ex-team, he hopes that the Italian outfit do not eventually take over Sauber.

"I do not believe that," Sauber insisted.

"Maybe it happens in Italy, and that would be fine because Alfa Romeo is a name that arouses passion. But I do not see the Sauber name taking a back seat. I see the addition of Alfa Romeo as a clear appreciation.

"For the team, it is a stroke of luck that the whole thing was orchestrated by Sergio Marchionne, because he has a very successful reputation in the automotive industry," he added.

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