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Kubica: Williams yet to push FW42 despite promising reliability

Kubica: Williams yet to push FW42 despite promising reliability



Kubica: Williams yet to push FW42 despite promising reliability

Kubica: Williams yet to push FW42 despite promising reliability

Robert Kubica says Williams have much still to discover about the FW42, despite putting in over 100 laps for a second day running to continue the team's recovery, as the Pole admits it's still too soon to say if the team are on track in terms of preparation for Melbourne.

After team-mate George Russell's 119-lap haul on the first day of the second pre-season test, Kubica followed that up with an impressive 130 laps as the Williams proved that it's reliable if nothing else at this stage.

Kubica moved to temper any expectations that people may have of the team in Melbourne should not be too high, as much remains to be done after missing a huge chunk of the first test last week.

"It's too early to say [regarding Williams recovery]. Back on track, yes, because we have a car," he said.

"It has been a good day, especially if you take into consideration what we went through last week with technical issues, with no car, so, in the end, this should be our day last week, but for sure we can gain back the time we lost.

"I think the biggest success [in Melbourne is to] end the weekend knowing you have done a good job, whatever your position. Because, I think, we will not be in the position to fight for results which people might expect."

When asked what his Williams team can do to salvage something from the season opener in two weeks' time, Kubica says the next two days will be important for their understanding of the car but his personal aim will not change regardless of their performance.

"It depends a lot on the priority of the team and [what will] become from testing. For sure, today was a productive day from one side, [but] from the other side, not necessarily," said Kubica.

"From a driver point of view, we haven't done any work on the car so there are a lot of things left to discover and not a lot of time left until the first race.

"My aim is always the same. To try to give the best that I can, whatever I'm asked to do.

"In the end, there are some priorities. Going to Australia without a lot of testing is not helping, but that is the reality so I have to make sure I maximise my time in the car and that's what I'll be doing on the last day in order to have better feeling and knowledge of the car.

If I'm happy with what I've achieved [after the race in Melbourne], what I did over the weekend, I'll be happy [in general]. Normally, I'm quite honest with myself and demanding of myself so if I can achieve satisfaction from the job I did I'll be happy."

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