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Formula 1 targeting 'high-profile US team' as new constructor

Formula 1 targeting 'high-profile US team' as new constructor


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Formula 1 targeting 'high-profile US team' as new constructor

Formula 1 targeting 'high-profile US team' as new constructor

Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey has revealed that they are talking to a number of potential new teams to pursuade them to join the sport in the future, with the priority being a “high-profile US team’ in order to help raise the popularity of F1 in the United States.

Liberty Media are set to revamp the sport in 2021 by introducing such rules as spending caps for team, but expansion is also on the horizon as they target new race locations and teams.

Ideally, he says, another US team will join alongside Haas.

“We have Haas as a US team, we’d love to add to that with a high-profile US team,” he said during a recent F1 conference call.

“Down the road you’d love to have a US driver, that probably takes longer.”

The owners of the sport are desperate to add another US Grand Prix to the calendar alongside the current race in Texas, with Miami being the main city mentioned.

Miami was indeed the most desired location until local residents complained about the disruption a street race would cause.

Carey claims that progress has been made in these talks, though.

“We’ve been engaged the last year there,” he added “I think we’ve made good headway.

“We’re continuing with it: I have meetings next week with parties there, I had meetings a month ago there. So I think we feel it’s important, we feel we’re making steps down the road.”

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Chase reiterated that expanding into the market in the United States was a goal for Liberty Media, saying:

“We’ve been quite public about our goal to pursue the opportunity in the US. Our television audience has grown well here this year. When you look at digital it actually has been a positive surprise because a few years ago we weren’t doing anything in digital so we started to measure the engagement we had in the US digitally.

“There are a lot more fans here than people believe there are. We are excited about those opportunities.”

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As costs rose in the 60's and 70's sponsorships became a necessary evil. Then Bernie happened, and how much he could make from the commercial rights to F1 was the rule, now this idiot Chase Cary is ONLY interested in how much money he can make. Does not matter if the teams have to race every weekend of the year, as long as Liberty is making money that is all that matters. We are losing the soul of F1 to a group that cares not for F1, but only fro how many $$$$$$ F1 can make for them. Capitalism as it best

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