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Schumacher hopes Ferrari outing can help Hockenheim

Schumacher hopes Ferrari outing can help Hockenheim



Schumacher hopes Ferrari outing can help Hockenheim

Schumacher hopes Ferrari outing can help Hockenheim

Mick Schumacher hopes to rekindle some of Germany's passion for Formula 1 when he takes his father's legendary Ferrari F2004 for a spin over the German Grand Prix weekend.

Michael Schumacher's final championship-winning car will be taken around the track by his son on both Saturday and Sunday at Hockenheim, which is expected to be hosting its final F1 race for some time this weekend.

The track was scene of four Michael Schumacher wins in his F1 career, while Mick won the European F3 Championship title there last year.

With no F2 round this week, Hockenheim's bosses were desperate to get Schumacher Jnr on-track, hoping it would boost crowd numbers, and the 20-year-old hopes he can put smiles on faces.

He said: "I think it will be special. I have a lot of good memories of Hockenheim, particularly from winning the F3 European Championship there last year, and to drive this car around there on a Grand Prix weekend is pretty amazing.

"I'm already very excited. I just hope everybody will have as much fun as I will.

"The F2004 is a symbol of great times for F1 in Germany, and I imagine that some of the spectators will have flashbacks to those times. I will do my best to help spark those good memories and I'll try to make sure that everybody has a great time!

"I would have loved to be able to do some preparation laps but unfortunately I just will have to wait and see. We'll do a seat fitting on Saturday morning of the race weekend but I am sure it will work out fine.

"In the end, it will be demo laps for pleasure, and I would really like to thank the owner of the car and Ferrari for giving me the opportunity.

"Since the F2004 was such a dominant car it will be thrilling for me to find out how it feels to drive it. It's going to be exciting to experience the power of the engine, and I am very curious to understand how cars from that era feel on track."


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