Wolff: 'Embarrassing' car changes aimed at stopping Mercedes

Thuesday, 12 february 2019, 06:08 , by Martin Macdonald

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has suggested that whenever a team starts to dominate in Formula 1, like Mercedes have done over the past five seasons with five championships in a row, rule makers will try and bring down that team, calling the introduction of 2019 car changes "embarrassing".

The 2019 F1 season will see the mandatory introduction of aerodynamic alterations to the front and rear wing, and Wolff believes this will be implemented ultimately to halt Mercedes' progress.

"The air is becoming thinner. When a team dominates, the rules are always changed to damage this team. It can be called almost embarrassing," the Austrian told Motorsport-Total.com.

"With the aerodynamic rule change for 2019, they try to change the ranking in Formula 1. We have seen this in the past with Ferrari and of course with Red Bull. We must remain motivated and set the right goals."

Last season Ferrari and Mercedes were embroiled in an entertaining tit-for-tat battle for the constructor's championship and indeed the driver's championship via Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

Around the summer break, following the death of CEO Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari's form dipped significantly which allowed the Silver Arrows to cruise to the title.

However, Wolff is expecting Ferrari, and other major opponents, to bounce back in 2019.

"Our task becomes more difficult every year. We set a benchmark, but this motivates our opponents. We have to acknowledge how strong the competition is and recognize that we could lose the world championship this year," he added.

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Comments (20)

  • Don Garner
    Adopt the old CanAm formula, specify an overall length, width, height and weight and let the designers loose. No engine restrictions as to type, number of cylinders, hybrid or not, as much wing as you can push, as long as it fits in the box. But that would be 'racing' not the present parade of electric slot cars.
  • Adrian Pink
    It's not Mercedes Fault they're good you have to think on the other teams I have the same facilities if not more that can't make a car to match and let's face it the Ferrari of last year was the better car had they had Lewis they would have won...
  • Vytautas Šimulionis
    They took away tyre changes for one season to stop Ferrari in 2005. Only a matter of time until someone adapts to rule changes better and a different team is on top. It's just how this sport goes, you cannot be great forever.
  • J.D. Martin
    It’s embarassing the FIA and F1 let it go this far. F1 is nothing but a damn Mercedes commercial at this point. Go figure the team with the most resources is dominateing the hybrid era.
  • Karl Davy
    doubtfull was mercedes not one of the teams that pushed for these changes ... ??? pretty sure it was mercedes and ferrari that voted for it !!! so gona file this in gp fans fake news
  • Michael Shive
    Remember 2005? Ferrari more or less lost that season because of tire rule changes (if I’m not mistaken). This is similar or related.
  • Mark Robbins
    They done it to Renault half way through 2006 with the mass dampers so Schumacher and Ferrari could won’t titles, Renault still won anyway
  • Bill Warden
    Just pointing out the obvious the rule change and introduction of the hybrid era is what gave Mercedes this dominance in the first place.
  • Blaž Štremfelj
    But funny enough, the changes go right in the direction to close Mercedes' weakest points - following other cars
  • Colby Lim
    It is great if it is true. We will like to see Toto idiot face like photo above. F1 will be exciting again.
  • Corey Christensen
    Cool so will we have a season without Hamilton acting like he's surprised he won?
  • Damian Budzik
    It's about time, 5 championships is enough. Lets make F1 standings interesting again.
  • Anjistho Basu
    I think it's embarrassing whenever another team gets close to Merc, it's sensors time.
  • Per Axblom
    Redbull had a much worse situation when they had there time 2009-2013
  • Peter Dryden
    The aerodynamic changes apply to all cars not just Mercedes.
  • Stephen Greene
    hope it works. so tired of Mercedes winning all the time.
  • Tony Beaumont
    Probably his last year , why would he care
  • Laurence Barnes
    Is he shitting us!

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