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Mosley slams those who 'glorify the risk' in F1

Mosley slams those who 'glorify the risk' in F1



Mosley slams those who 'glorify the risk' in F1

Mosley slams those who 'glorify the risk' in F1

Former FIA president Max Mosley has backed the introduction of the controversial 'Halo' device which is designed to protect the head of a driver during races, and has slammed the people within the sport who continue to "glorify the risk" involved in Formula 1.

The 'Halo' cockpit protection system has split opinion, but former Mosley says current FIA president Jean Todt was right to introduce it.

"I haven't been to a race since 2009, but I watch a lot of the races on TV," he told Auto Motor und Sport.

"I have to say that cars without Halo seem almost old-fashioned now," the 78-year-old said. "They somehow look wrong.

"Since the 60s, I've heard that the sport is getting more and more safe and money is playing an increasingly important role, which spoils the fun. And yet formula one has only become more and more popular.

"I advise the people who glorify the risk to go to a funeral. There is nothing worse than experiencing the death of a young sports person. Ok, he died doing something he loved. But it is terrible for the relatives," Mosley added.

Mosley also backs FIA president Todt and Liberty Media's efforts to install mandatory team budget caps, but notes that the teams will never be fully supportive.

"As advanced as they are with their technology, they are so conservative about changing the system," he said. "They just do not want to change anything.

"The big money teams don't want to give up their advantage over the teams with less money in particular. If you employ three times as many people, it's like racing with an engine with greater displacement.

"These teams will never agree to a budget cap," added Mosley.

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