Williams hoping to fight for fourth

Saturday, 09 february 2019, 04:55 , by Martin Macdonald

Claire Williams believes that Williams currently have the infrastructure and resources to fight for fourth place in the constructor's championship in the 2019 Formula 1 season, saying that the team doesn't need to rely on the 2021 rule changes to be competitive on the grid again.

Williams remain the second-most successful team in the history of F1, with only Ferrari having won more titles over the years.

However, the team's last championship win was over two decades ago, while they finished last in the rankings last year with rookie drivers Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin behind the wheel.

Claire Williams is confident the team can bounce back and even win the midfield battle this year.

"We’re still a team competing with a very healthy budget, we’re still a team competing with phenomenal resources at Williams, and we have a great team of people here,” the team boss told RACER.

“I don’t see why we aren’t able to fight back in that midfield and to fight for P4."

In 2021, budget caps are going to be introduced to try and level the playing field, so that elite teams such as Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull can no longer vastly outspend their less competitive colleagues.

Williams are one of the teams who would likely benefit from the new rules, but Claire Williams claims the team is looking compete now - not in two years.

"I don’t believe that we have to wait and that’s certainly not the mindset that we have here, that we’re just treading water until 2021," she continued.

"That’s a really important message that certainly we’ve relayed internally but to the outside world — that we’re here competing, we’re not just making up the numbers until the landscape changes to better suit us."

The team has a new driving line-up for 2019, with George Russell and the returning Robert Kubica replacing Stroll and Sirotkin.

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Comments (18)

  • Stuart Hoy
    I'm a long time Williams fan and it is hard to see them having struggled for many years. However, unlike 2014, their are no new major regulation changes and with pretty much rookie drivers, they can possibly get 5th at best in my opinion.
  • Si Leathley
    It's the same old pre-season blah, blah, blah. Some cars get pretty new paint schemes, new engine packages, etc. Even "testing" is just blah, blah, blah to get some promotion for sponsors. When the flag drops, the bullshit stops.
  • Mark Hornsby
    Not totally unrealistic. They already have the engine and, given the design and technical team they now have in place, there is every chance they'll make huge steps forward on the chassis and aerodynamics.
  • Szymon Siesicki
    Then she really must be very confident wirh the car. If car is as bad as last year compared to rest then 8-9th would be target with good dricer lineup as they have now. Hope the car is good :)
  • Don Garner
    "Williams hoping to fight for fourth".....and getting their butts handed to them again........'Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is the definition of insanity'...........
  • John Gaskell
    Optimitistic. 6th maybe. The engine advantage they had has been nullified now with Ferrari arguably better and Renault gaining, with Honda also in the mix.
  • Mark Dempsey
    Hope Williams does better this year they have a good engine if they got aerodynamics and balance right they have a good chance in my opinion
  • Uday Motwani
    At this time, all are optimistic! I don't recollect she saying at the start of last year's season "Our car is going to suck"!
  • Jonathan Carre
    Bigger surprises have happened when a new season comes along. I've got my fingers crossed.
  • Murli Rudiyatno
    When you lose your heart with what you do and think more about the money then you will go nowhere.
  • Dylan van Belkum
    Pointless. Spend all that money, time and effort tying to come 4th?
  • Alen Ĺ abanovi?
    McLaren is the second most successful team in F1, not Williams. lol
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Kimi is driving Alfa Romeo.
  • Kenny Mayeaux
    At least they are being honest
  • Saket Bajaj
  • Henry James Judd
    Not happening

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