Ferrari's biggest sponsor under investigation

Friday, 08 february 2019, 05:27 , by Craig Norman

Australian authorities have launched an investigation into Ferrari's new 'Mission Winnow' branding. The branding is an initiative of the team's title sponsor Philip Morris, maker of Marlboro cigarettes. The company says the brand promotes smoking alternatives and other initiatives, but some believe it is a clever way to keep Marlboro and the similar logo and colours in the front of F1 fans' minds.

Melbourne's The Age newspaper said an investigation has been launched in Australia ahead of the 2019 season opener in Melbourne next month.

The investigations are being carried out by the federal health department, the Victorian state equivalent, and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

"It (Mission Winnow) has nothing to do with F1 cars, that's for sure," said Australian anti-smoking campaigner John Cunningham.

Philip Morris said the company "always respects the laws that apply to our activities".

"The campaign does not advertise or promote any branded products."

It remains to be seen whether the outcome of the investigation will affect Ferrari's ability to run with the company's logos on its cars in the season-opening race in Melbourne.

Teams have previously had to run with some sponsors removed for alternative reasons - for example, Williams could not race with their Martini-inspired livery in France or Abu Dhabi last year due to restrictions of advertising alcohol.

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Comments (26)

  • Tony Webb
    Every time an article mentions the cigarette brand this is apparently promoting the campaign is working. So is mentioning it's parent company, which also produces cigarettes under it's own name. As is publishing this team's full entry name. Yes, F1 is about pushing the rules but this is taking it too far.
  • John-Peter Warren
    Not gonna lie but every F1 team is using some sort of illegal way of getting way of financial back up rich energy for example , every team does it and as a Mercedes fan they shouldn’t just point the finger at Ferrari just because they use to have the fake Marlboro bar code , leave them alone
  • James Dingley
    I went to Albert Park F1 Grand Prix to watch cigarette advertising on cars. The cars are going that fast, you don’t see the advertising. Victoria the nanny state.
  • Dave Freeman
    Who gives a shit. When I see Marlboro I don't think of smoking... I think of bad ass race cars ???
  • Stephan Roux
    Well that was obvious from the start... I count at least two marlboro chevrons there. At 90 degrees or not
  • Alan Bradbury
    I've been a big f1 for years and Tobacco Sponsorship never made me want to smoke and I don't smoke.
  • Scott Spieler
    But you can advertise energy drinks and alcohol? It’s a legal product that is available world wide.
  • Steven Hoepel
    Absolutely ridiculous, this is an expensive sport cutting down the source of income will kill the sport
  • Daniel Cheong
    In all honesty, F1 was at it's best when tobacco brands were on the cars
  • Gary Joseph Skiffen
    I didn't even realize Marlboro was their sponsor and I used to smoke them. ???
  • Andre Visser
    Police state to the max... don't you even dare think about smoking!
  • Anže Samec
    Is promoteing red bull so much different than tobaco?
  • Chris Hillman
    I never knew what that sponsor was till I read the article.... Lol
  • Dexter Williams
    The bullshit started early this year.
  • Josh Lynch
    Peter One of the stupidest things I've read...
  • Sanaj Sangamnerkar
    Kaizu DarukhanawalaRidhant Sangamnerkar
  • Kevin Angwyn
    5 seconds time penalty to Mission Winnow
  • Kristian Finn
    Troy Brudenell Adrian Finn
  • Ryan Davis
    Get rid of it!
  • Carlos Proaño
    Jonathan Díaz

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