'Leclerc must learn to accept defeat while at Ferrari'

Thursday, 07 february 2019, 03:56 , by Craig Norman

Charles Leclerc's manager says the new Ferrari driver must not be "impatient" in 2019. Replacing Kimi Raikkonen for the new season, many are tipping 21-year-old Monegasque Leclerc to give nominal 'number 1' driver Sebastian Vettel a run for his money this year.

But Nicolas Todt, the son of FIA president Jean Todt and a well-known driver manager, pointed out that Leclerc "has never been on the podium yet because he did not have a car to do it".

Todt thinks Leclerc will have a top car in 2019, but he warned his young charge about getting carried away.

"The mistake that Charles must not commit is to be impatient," he told Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

"He is only 21 and will have to handle the disappointment of defeat, which he feels even if he is second.

"Charles always sets himself very high goals, but it will not be a problem for him."

Leclerc finished 13th in the drivers' championship last season, securing a best result of sixth at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Underlining his fine rookie campaign, however, Leclerc finished 30 points clear of teammate Marcus Ericsson, helping Sauber climb from the foot of the constructors' standings in 2017 to eighth last year, with further progress expected this season after forging closer bonds with Alfa Romeo, which has seen the team name change to that of the famous Italian brand.

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  • Mark Hornsby
    "Learn to accept defeat"? Who dreams up this nonsense? After a season at Sauber, has there been any hint of him having a problem dealing with not winning races .. or, for that matter, getting beaten by his own teammate? His chances of podium finishes are significantly higher with Ferrari than they were with Sauber. If there is anything he has to reacquaint himself with it is the pressure of expectation and being in a competitive car.
  • Nic March
    F1 is so tame. I reckon my Gran could have competed in her Daf 33. But she wouldn't have accepted not winning.
  • Tom Oldridge
    Il give you one comparison. Vettel: toro rosso-red bull. We all know how that turned out.
  • Eli Hams
    Lol so true. Ferrari is a glorified mid pack team.
  • Don Garner
    And Ferrari must learn to do quick body work repair......
  • Minci Quist
    Lewis 1. Leclerc 2. Max 3.

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