'Hamilton and Vettel fear Verstappen the most'

Wednesday, 06 february 2019, 09:49 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vette' fear Max Verstappen more than any other Formula 1 driver, according to the Dutchman's Red Bull boss Christian Horner. Verstappen finished fourth in the drivers' championship last year, but ended the campaign in superb form.

Only Hamilton outscored the Dutchman over the final nine races of the 2018 season, as Verstappen recovered well from an error-strewn start to the season which saw him hit a rival driver or the barriers at each of the first six races – dropping points as a result on five occasions.

Red Bull are publicly positive about their switch to Honda power in 2019, but Verstappen's chances of muscling into the title battle between Hamilton and Vettel will largely depend on the Japanese marque.

If Honda can deliver, however, Horner says Verstappen could have a mental edge on his more experienced rivals.

"Max, if you look at his performance in the second half of the [last] year, was the second highest points scorer to Lewis," Horner told reporters.

"He has all the skills to take on Lewis or Sebastian or whoever it is.

"I don't think he lacks anything that they have, if we can provide him the tools to do the job. I think he's probably the driver that they fear the most.

"Max has evolved so much. He is more worldly, more experienced. He is very quick and very determined and has his own character. He is now in a very rounded position. He has absolute determination and zero fear."

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Comments (31)

  • Karl Davy
    i would fear the fucker aswell look at how many "incidents" hes been involved in but if your trying to tell us they fear his driving talents not in a rbr honda they wont ... lol there is only one driver they should be fearing next year and thats leclerc
  • Dave Newson
    He may well be their biggest threat, what about LeClerc? Putting pressure on their drivers before a wheel has turned is not going to help them, let the driving do the talking not press articles, this isn’t football!!!
  • Arie Patentprutser
    MV got the most points after LH in the last 9 races... keep wining about 'Crash Verstappen'. He and Charles is the rising generation and will be the first to turn Lewis down. I pretty sure it will not be Vettel
  • Glenn McPherson
    Leighton, good chance all drivers him the most! Mainly due to him having an 80% chance of making contact when he goes anywhere near them. #NewMaldonardo
  • Mark Hornsby
    Not big talk at all. Just Horner and his habitual and transparent stirring. The guy is almost as spoilt and childish as Verstappen.
  • Murli Rudiyatno
    Yeah he’s dangerous, he can make the world champions living in hell in a slow car. Just imagine if he gets a good car. Just imagine....
  • Nigel Rose
    Fuck yes! I’d fear Max too. You’re just not sure if he’s going to take you out and in doing so not receiving a penalty for it
  • Zoan Kulinski
    The only time Hamilton or Vettel will need to fear Verstappen is when they are lapped him and his Honda engine
  • Pål Nicolaysen
    they fear him because he dont care if he pushes others off the track, the guy is a danger.
  • Jon Larrance
    Based on all the other comments I think it's time you all start using my nickname for him... Crash Verstappen
  • Alex Wood
    Vettel to go back to red bull after this season when when leclarc beats him
  • Anjistho Basu
    Vettel fears Ferrari strategists the most. Hamilton fears not being on FIA's lap.
  • Henk Poolen
    Who was the driver that was close to Lewis? Fuck all you keyboard wankers
  • Mark Luscombe
    No kidding. They are racing for championships, he's playing video games.
  • Memo Lara
    Yeah! They need to stay the fuck away from him!!! He crashes all the time!!!
  • Steve Boswell
    every driver should fear him. fear he'll crash them for no reason.
  • Don Garner
    ....nooooo their bodywork techs and mechanics fear him.....
  • Dave Freeman
    Well, duh no one wants to race against a battering ram with no breaks
  • Jonathon Bellamy
    What about LeClerc feel he may be the dark horse.
  • Laz Till
    Hit ratio on the sim that high ?

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