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Ferrari need to win for the good of F1 - Pirelli

Ferrari need to win for the good of F1 - Pirelli



Ferrari need to win for the good of F1 - Pirelli

Ferrari need to win for the good of F1 - Pirelli

Pirelli chief executive Marco Tronchetti Provera says that Formula 1 needs a “competitive” Ferrari to be winning races and standing up against Mercedes, as the sport ultimately loses its appeal if the Prancing Horse are not firing on all cylinders.

The Italian outfit are the most historical and successful team in the history of the sport, winning 16 championships. However, success has been harder to come by in more recent years as they haven’t won the title in a decade, with Mercedes dominating the sport in the V6 turbo-hybrid engine era.

Mercedes’ dominance has never been more evident than in the current season, as they have won seven straight races, albeit with their last victory coming due to a penalty applied to Sebastian Vettel in Canada, who surrendered his win to Lewis Hamilton.

Although disappointing, their performance in Montreal showed that they have the power on the straights to compete with the Silver Arrows, and Pirelli, who provide tyres to both teams, thinks it is vital that Ferrari improve enough so that they can begin winning races again.

“Ferrari victories in Formula 1 are good for everyone,” Provera told Italian radio Rai.

“A Formula 1 without a competitive Ferrari loses its appeal. I know that I should be neutral, but a victorious Ferrari generates a completely different dynamic in Formula 1.

“And then I am also Italian, so a Ferrari victory is simply close to my heart.”

After the opening seven Grands Prix in 2019, Ferrari are 123 points adrift of Mercedes in the constructors’ championship.


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