Verstappen: Hamilton does things 'not available for me'

Wednesday, 06 february 2019, 06:17 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen insists he will not be following five time world champion Lewis Hamilton out of the back of a plane any time soon. Hamilton recently shared that he had obtained his solo skydiving license as he enjoys the pre-season period before testing.

Asked if he too will be jumping out of planes soon, Verstappen told De Telegraaf newspaper: "At the moment certainly not."

Verstappen, 21, has clear number one status at Red Bull this year, with the team tipped to potentially take on Mercedes and Ferrari with its new works Honda power unit.

That is why the Dutch driver rules out skydiving.

"Lewis is of course already 34 years old," he said. "Of course I do not know what my life will look like in 13 years."

Verstappen said that with his five titles, Hamilton can afford to take extra life risks.

"Lewis has already won so much," he said. "So skydiving, why not? You also have to enjoy a bit of life, of course.

"But for me the risks are greater.  Of course I do not want to get injured so that I might not be able to win the championship.  So even skydiving is not available for me now."

Verstappen said he enjoyed a break from training for a couple of weeks over the winter, "but now we have been busy for a while".

The 21-year-old revealed that he will be first at the wheel of the 2019 Red Bull-Honda at the forthcoming Barcelona test.

"I feel like going out that first time," said Verstappen. "To see how the Honda engine feels. I'm already looking forward to that."

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  • Randall Willis
    Yup I think he’s contract clearly says ‘Don’t ride a bike, you’ll crash’ ‘Don’t go surfing, you’ll drown’ ‘Don’t go skydiving, you’ll plummet to death’
  • Mark Hornsby
    Like trying to live up to your criminal father's expectations of how to drive like the rich spoilt brat spawn of a rich spoilt brat?
  • Steven Miller
    Yup, he's earned those luxuries by proving himself countless times over and gaining extremely high status with his employers.
  • Mitch Curry
    Like not crash into ppl constantly and be a spoilt little fuck?? That about right?
  • Don Garner
    A TRUE loser has an excuse ready for every occasion.....
  • Kristian Finn
    Pays u to crash into everyone
  • Dave Freeman
    Like brain functionality?
  • Jonathan Carre
    Like, winning?
  • Eric Friar
    Damn. Y'all speak truth.
  • Phill Price
    Like being a dick

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