See Lewis Hamilton go skydiving in F1 off-season

Sunday, 03 february 2019, 04:28 , by Matthew Scott

Toto Wolff might have been looking through his fingers as he saw Lewis Hamilton's latest off-season thrill-seek – a skydive! The five-time Formula 1 world champion has had an adrenaline-raising off-season thus far, combining surfing lessons with a new passion for free-falling in the air.

The Mercedes star has taken surf lessons from board legend Kelly Slater, and even called surfing his new favourite sport earlier in the off-season break.

Perhaps keen to find a pulse-raising activity to match the F cockpit, however, Hamilton has now taken to throwing himself out of a plane – thankfully landing safely to share the experience with his near 10million Instagram followers.

He posted: "Got my skydiving license the feeling of free fall is incredible. Surfing and skydiving in the same day is the ultimate day for me. Have you skydived yet? If not, put the fear aside and go #freedom"

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Comments (18)

  • Eathan Haywood-Weeb
    As if this is a surprise to anyone. When you drive the fastest cars in the world for a living, you have to go to the extremes for an adrenaline rush, hence why he's skydiving.
  • Mark Hornsby
    Oh, for God's sake, Lewis Hamilton has been posting skydiving photos since at least as far back as 2016.
  • James Whittaker
    He’s won 5 F1 world championships doing this. Why stop him. He clearly enjoys life to the full.
  • Fay Stebbings
    He always doing something energetic - a great advert for the plant based diet.
  • Ary Septian Pratama
    He want to land in Erangel for some Chicken Dinner
  • Anesto Cazoe
    He had dates with nicki Minaj which is more of an extreme
  • Billy Stevens
    Makes Ollie look tame waterskiing Lachlan, Shane, Heath
  • Tim Riley
    Safer than an f1 car. Toto will be fine
  • Anne-Marie Workman
    Bekki Workman is there anything he can't do haha
  • Robert DeCastro
    Sooooo trying to be James Hunt.
  • David Amoah
    Motivation for the next Championship
  • Jules Young
    We will keep it a secret
  • Elfat Ademi
    Flaki Ademi
  • Harm Schoonheijt
    Job Rob Steven Nigel
  • Owain Balling
    Andrew Cook
  • Laurence Barnes
    Why would I?!
  • Bryan Falcon
    Toto, it’s James.

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