Why Hamilton doesn't care about Schumacher's records

Thursday, 31 january 2019, 10:10 , by Matthew Scott

Jenson Button doubts that Lewis Hamilton will have turned thoughts to chasing Michael Schumacher's Formula 1 records for grand prix victories and world titles. Hamilton continues to close on the German master's legendary benchmarks, having already surpassed his record pole position tally.

Hamilton secured a fifth drivers' championship in 2018, with only Schumacher ahead of him (7), while the Briton also has only his Mercedes predecessor ahead of him in terms of race wins (73 – 91).

Hamilton's former McLaren teammate Button, however, believes that the reigning champion's focus is more on his current rivals, than looking to best those of the past.

"Knowing Lewis it's not about trying to better what Michael has done," Button told Sky Sports.

"I think when things are changing in F1 and there are new challenges, that's what he loves. That's what we all love in racing. 

"It's when the challenges stop that you decide that you are going to go and do something else.

"But with the way F1 is with the regulation changes and the drivers changing all the time, he's going to want to keep going, which is fantastic for the sport.

"Lewis is coming off the back of a fantastic few years but with the regulation changes who knows what's going to happen in 2019. 

"There's so many changes at the moment and that's exactly what the sport needs. I think that we might have three teams fighting at the front. Hopefully we are going to see Red Bull-Honda up there as well. If we do there will be some fantastic fights I'm sure."

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  • Jonathan Carre
    Wins and poles and points in themselves are irrelevant. Michael raced in a time that you earned 10 points for a win, so points are completely useless as a comparison. Even wins to a degree. If you have a dominant car like Lewis has, and there are 20 races a season as opposed to 16/17, you're going to end up with more wins. Win percentage and pole percentage are a more reliable measure if performance but even they're not fallible. I think Jenson is right, the only drivers who have the same circumstances as you, are the drivers you're racing now. Concentrate on beating them rather than competing against drivers of different eras.
  • Steven Miller
    The way I see it, Lewis didn't care for a long time, but is more interested now that they're basically the only goal left for him to aim at.
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Because Shumi is no longer making numbers... So it'll be senseless...
  • Adrian Pink
    Lewis doesn't care because he's setting his own records
  • Jim McCafferty
    We need a race soon or this page is going to run out of material
  • Bryan Falcon
    “Lewis, it’s James.” “Oh no you don’t!”
  • Eric Wookie
    & i don't care about his ...
  • Alvaro Sanchez
    lewis is in love eith senna
  • Joaquin Carreño Gutierrez
    Because he is a spoilt brat
  • Minas Petrou
    Oh he cares
  • Giannis Verigakis
    no 1 can catch schumi

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