Gasly has 'no chance' of beating Verstappen

Wednesday, 30 january 2019, 09:31 , by Craig Norman

Pierre Gasly has "no chance" of besting Red Bull colleague Max Verstappen in his debut campaign at the team, with the Dutchman able to hit the ground running in a way that his new teammate will not be able to in 2019.

That is the view of Robert Doornbos, former F1 driver, turned pundit in the Netherlands.

Verstappen recently claimed that if he is to have a chance of winning the title, Red Bull must be closer to Mercedes and Ferrari right from the beginning of the season.

"We need to make sure that from the start we are a little bit closer," Verstappen said.

Doornbos, who raced for Red Bull and Minardi, thinks the world will know straight away if Verstappen is at the wheel of a title winner.

"Max will know immediately how successful the new car can be, so I'll be curious to see his face after a couple of laps behind the wheel," he told Ziggo Sport.

"If he is disappointed straight away, Max will not hide it.  He'll immediately be punching the table with his fist."

Turning attention to Gasly, who has recently said he will not accept 'number two' driver status at Red Bull, Doornbos says the Toro Rosso graduate should keep such thoughts to himself.

"Pierre said that he is not coming to Red Bull to be the second driver, but I think it's better to stay quiet," he said.

"He has a chance to be in the top team, but at the moment for him I think it's better not to attract too much attention.  Because he has no chance next to Verstappen.

"Of course, there are not many drivers in the paddock who would like to be Max's teammate.  Lewis Hamilton can talk about it, but it won't happen."

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Comments (13)

  • David Williams
    I do hope Pierre Gasley does settle dowe quite fast and wipes that constant smirk off that Belgian driver Verstafen's face-and sooner rather than later too!! Verstafen's dire lack of race craft is his undoing time and time again season after season he and he alone has proven how dire his racecraft really is when compared with Riciardo-let alone the likes of Alonso or Hamilton. Big difference being they race their cars, he uses his as a battering ram-no pointhe talking to Verstafen, Horner, or Marco about it-they just think it's good fun to see the debris trail of destruction he constantly causes-even after he wrecked BOTH Red Bull Cars STILL Verstafen was allowed to use his car as a wrecking ball, as long as he missed the other RedBull Car it was quite fine for him to continue!! He drives like a demented moron, driving fast is one thing, constantly throwing your car into places where you know there is no space for two cars expecting the other car just to vanish or end up in the barriers is just plain wrong-it's about time the FIA grew some balls and dealt with the antics of BOTH Vettal and Verstafen properly none of this crap double standards of the last few years-unless the FIA do grow a set more and more and more real fans of F1 GP's will vote with their feet-walking away from F1 GP's, or hands-turning off their TV's.... either way stop watching F1 GP's! Close racing is quite fantastic, however seeing clouds of carbon fibre, cars forced off the road, or innocent drivers injured or potentially hospitalised because certain drivers and their 'red mist driving skills'-sorry but that is not The Standard of F1 GP's that I personally want to watch!!
  • Marjorie Brassart
    It'll be glorious when Pierre will prove him wrong! And why should he shut up about his ambitions? Not everyone is okay with being their teammate's lap dog, and Pierre is right to be honnest about it.
  • Timothy Alan Fox
    With these two, plus the Ferrari duo, first corner action will be insane, all season long. 3 quick but contentious young guys, and 1 fading star with questionable temperament. Carbon bits everywhere.
  • Don Garner
    .....Ghastly has no chance of beating an egg...........but it's good to confine the whiners to the same team.......
  • Anesto Cazoe
    Max is very good has a little more temper than most but he is going to be world champion in the near future
  • Joel E Mabelle Amparo
    Max is inconsistent, Gasly has just to cruise and avoid idiot moves when get attacked by max.
  • Lars BrĂ¥ten
    If Pierre is better than Max in driving skills, then he will be the new next best after Senna.
  • Per Axblom
    I sees Riccardos race craft just as strong as Max. But Redbull failed him.
  • Szymon Siesicki
    Pierre is no Bottas. But we will see how often Pierres car will break :D
  • Barbara Gouin
    Probably why he got the seat do not want to upset Verstappen
  • Fay Stebbings
    Why not? Plenty of others have.
  • William Scalzitti
    Robert Doornbos?

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