Red Bull: Verstappen should have prevented Ricciardo Baku crash

Monday, 21 january 2019, 05:34 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen could have avoided his collision with Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo at last year's Azerbaijan Grand Prix, according to the team's motorsport advisor Dr Helmut Marko. The Red Bull duo had battled for much of the race, which ended in acrimony after Verstappen rear-ended Ricciardo.

Ricciardo had several attempts at overtaking Verstappen in the race, finally making a move stick at the third time of asking.

However, Verstappen was back ahead after overcutting his teammate during the pitstops and Ricciardo was once again on his teammate's tail.

Another overtaking attempt would end in disaster as Verstappen swerved to defend his spot and Ricciardo ploughed into the back of him, something that Marko – some nine months after the incident – has now pinned on the Dutchman.

"Verstappen could have avoided the accident, since Ricciardo was too fast," Marko told 

"He had not made the turn. He should have used the exit strip. Max should have gone to the side. But instead we got a scandal."

Marko says the situation which put Verstappen back ahead of Ricciardo was not intended from the Red Bull pitwall.

"Verstappen told us that his tyres were ready," Marko said. "His lap time had just dropped by more than three-quarters of a second. 

"Then Verstappen got the signal to come in and suddenly he drove two green sectors! With tyres that, according to what he had said earlier, were at their end."

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Comments (9)

  • Simon Davis
    Change of tune all of a sudden? This is what happens when you let a rookie run riot with no repercussions for not following the rules. Team mates wiping each other out, as entertaining as it is for us spectators, should NOT happen. Glad it did happen, because it was funny to watch Max go out then, and its become even funnier now!
  • Michael Hogan
    Wow this Marko is the new Einstein only took him 9 months to work out what everyone else did inside 10 seconds
  • Jonathan Carre
    Too late, you've lost your best chance at a WDC. He's gone to Renault.
  • Barbara Gouin
    Trouble with Max he does not like drivers doing it to him he goes and hits them
  • Alessandro Fiorix Fiorillo
    He discovered this now that Ricciardo is not in red bull anymore...
  • David Barrera
    Yeah, he will win a championship for red bull.
  • Marjorie Brassart
    Like we didn't already knew that

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