F1 2019 rule changes adding seconds to lap times

Wednesday, 16 january 2019, 08:32 , by Matthew Scott

Racing Point technical director Andy Green says early simulations with 2019's regulation changes factored in left the team lacking numerous seconds compared to last season's lap times. Simplified front-wing designs and other aerodynamic tweaks have been introduced in an attempt to boost the excitement of racing this year.

Red Bull motorsport advisor Dr Helmut Marko has previously claimed that their simulations suggested no lap time would be lost.

It remains to be seen if the Racing Point team will make gains as the 2019 season nears, but it appears that predictions of slower cars in 2019 could come to fruition.

"It's been a big hit," he told Motorsport.com. "And when we first put it in the tunnel a few months ago, we're talking a few seconds of lap time, and a poorly balanced car as well.

"It was the worst possible outcome. Hopefully, it has some positives with respect to closer racing.

"We, like everyone else, have been trying to crawl our way out of the hole that we jumped into with these new regulations.

"It's significant and it's right up there with, not-quite a complete change of car, but it's pretty close."

Although the new regulations have been introduced with the intention to improve drivers' ability to follow each other on track, Green is sceptical that a keen difference will be felt.

"[We will] struggle to see a big difference following another car," he added.

"I hope I'm wrong, I hope all this work will result in some positives in following another car.

"But for the analysis we've seen, it looks relatively small."

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  • Martin Elliott
    With the continuous tweaking of circuits, the lap records are really only something for statisticians to get excited about. As long as any performance change is roughly equitable its OK, same as when the times dropped!!
  • Thiago Rondon
    My humble suggestions, increase the power of the engines, release the possibility of moving the wings, reduce this damn traction control
  • Mike DiPietro
    Add restrictor plates and BoP the Mercedes cars to keep competition close and maybe other teams will get poles and wins
  • Jonathan Carre
    I don't care about lap times, I care about close racing. If lap times drop and racing improves, bring it on!
  • Franz Dale
    the 2007 and 08 Aero design is much better than the current.. and also bring back the fooken V10 or V8
  • Keith Caruso
    So in other words ....we don know what will happen but what the hell.....
  • Damian Collaco
    Why did you do this? This is not good guys. Cancel that shit.
  • Raian Levy
    I really don't care about lap times if it improves racing
  • Daniel Tee Atkinson
    Wait. Someone commented F1 use Traction Control? That is ultra lame.
  • Per Axblom
    So for 2020, make the wings snaller again.
  • Rob Ligato Jr.
    Zero fun to watch anymore. F1 is doomed.
  • Franz Dale
    the sport is Moving backwards... fuk
  • Szymon Siesicki
    Already making excuses?
  • Owain Balling
    Andrew Cook

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