F1 reveals latest plan to end boring races

Friday, 11 january 2019, 05:53 , by Matthew Scott

Formula 1 technical director Pat Symonds has revealed the incredible lengths that are being undertaken to improve overtaking in seasons to come. According to Symonds, F1 has produced an "overtaking simulation" to replicate a huge level of detail from tracks, both new and old alike.

A dearth of on-track excitement has long been a issue that F1 has battled against, prompting technical solutions like DRS and the new front-wing regulations introduced for 2019.

However, Symonds says attention has now switched to the tracks themselves, with the new technology to be applied to new races in the future – including the Vietnam Grand Prix, which will debut in F1 in 2020.

"We've produced what I think is the world's first overtaking simulation," Symonds said at the Autosport International event.

"It's been extremely complex to do. To run a lap takes several hours.

"It's a very, very complex simulation but it has a proper wake model of the cars, it looks at the surface and the tyre characteristics and all these sort of things.

"We're now using that to design our new circuits and to look at some modifications.

"Vietnam, which is the first circuit we've really been involved with, I think that we have really been able to understand what it will take to make good racing there.

"I think Vietnam is going to be a superb circuit. It's got some great features and it's going to have some close racing at it."

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Comments (18)

  • Gabriel Spacca
    It’s not rocket science. The cars have grown in size and complexity, but the tracks have not kept pace. Either put a limit on the size of the cars, or make tracks two to three times as wide as they currently are.
  • Jeff Meserve
    They could have easily done it this year by requiring each team to use all three tire compounds in each race requiring a minimum of two stops.
  • Joshua Jeffers
    Get rid of the blue flags. Make the front runners fight their way past the slower cars. It’s racing, it’s not supposed to be easy.
  • Graham Wilson
    Throw in Random “Reverse Grid” Races...... if that wouldn’t spark things up at places like Monaco & Singapore, then I don’t know what would....
  • Chris Diaz
    Pay championship points for qualy, then invert the field for race day. I’m just going to repeat this until I’m blue in the face.
  • Anjistho Basu
    Will Mercedes the same regulations as the other teams now? Or do they still get the Unlimited Get-Out-of-Penalty passes?
  • Alween Lopez
    Should ban qualification... by pulling a number from a hat... the field should be set.....
  • Tony Webb
    Drive offline for a power boost & a call line for a fan boost? No? Bananas, what about bananas then?
  • Paul Patterson
    Racing without fuel strategy is the very definition of boring. And there you have it, today's F1.
  • Thiago Rondon
    bullshit, as long as the powerful teams do not sit down to discuss, there are no changes in sight
  • Lance A. Lewin
    Oh, cool!!! You mean F1 is bringing back v10 power and super wide tires!!!??
  • Mark Kovach
    V8 no turbo no mgu, real gear shift no paddles
  • Pat Williams
    Bring back refueling and louder cars
  • Gavan Mitchell
    They could do it very easily by simplifying aero.
  • Syed Abdul Wasay
    Bring back more pit stops that will do
  • James Tracey
    Do not let Tilke design any new circuits.
  • Per Axblom
    What about common sense?

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