'You pr*ck!' - Verstappen goes full Crashtappen with iRacing road rage!

Thursday, 10 january 2019, 12:05 , by Matthew Scott

The presence of Max Verstappen, and other professional motorsport stars, on iracing.com is one of the coolest things about the sim-racing platform – giving anyone the chance to pit their wits against the best drivers in the world. One rival wasn't to Max's liking after a collision in a practice session, prompting the Formula 1 star to take matters into his own hands – as captured on Twitch by user MrGit.

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Comments (31)

  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Unreal cars... Don't matter to be suicidal and not cautious. So, he do NOT care... Limits can be exceeded without risk... and he's not going to be kicked out from iRacing like a normal driver taking care of that unreal car.
  • Chris Ellis
    To be fair most of us have slammed another car in frustration In game, doesn't mean we do it irl. Max does though
  • Kyle Dunning
    This isn't real. Give us actual proof it was Max and we'll believe it. This is fake news for clicks.
  • Kyle Dunning
    Give us proof this is actually Max, because it surely does not seem like it. Fake news for clicks. Shameful.
  • Jordan Parkinson
    Seems like max haha but it was only practice
  • Tony Webb
    What evidence is there that this is the real Max Versteppen?
  • Brodie Sward
    Dean McKinnon Alan Suter Cameron Neame Liam Tame looks familiar
  • Jeff Pearson
    RedBull is just happy he is only wrecking iHardware
  • Rui Pacheco
    Lol play forza 7 online. Standard!
  • Rob J Webb
    No different from real life then!
  • Rocky Drolet
    He pulled an Ocon on that moron
  • Josh Lynch
    Peter Maniatis Not surprised...
  • Brad Hobden
    Josh Hardy must of been Ocon
  • Josh Burdon
    It’s only practice, big deal
  • Jonathon Charles
    Jason Wilkinson Dane Williams looks familiar
  • Mike Koroleff
    send the evidence to Nim, lets see the ban....
  • Tyler Van Den Abeele
    "Net code"
  • Filip Struijk
    In practice.....
  • Greg Wilkinson
    Philip Wilkinson
  • Paul Wegener
    Just practice

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