'Ferrari move too soon for Leclerc'

Wednesday, 09 january 2019, 07:11 , by Matthew Scott

Charles Leclerc's move to Ferrari may have come "too soon" as he will likely have to serve as Sebastian Vettel's number two driver at the Scuderia. That is the view of former Formula 1 world champion Mario Andretti, who says allowing the pair to race could come back to haunt the team.

Leclerc backed up title-winning seasons in GP3 and Formula 2 with a fine rookie year at Sauber, prompting former Scuderia president Sergio Marchionne to drop Kimi Raikkonen in favour of the Monegasque.

The 21-year-old will become Ferrari's second-youngest driver in history at the Australian Grand Prix.

Although Andretti backs the youngster's talent, he remains concerned that Vettel is unlikely to be willing to give up the team-leader status he enjoyed over four years with Raikkonen at his side.

Andretti told Sky Italia: "The Leclerc-Vettel pairing seems correct, the alternative would have been to continue with Kimi because he and Sebastian got along very well. But we will see.

"Leclerc seems to be very good and being young means he has a good future ahead of him.

"It was Marchionne's idea to promote him but I don't know if this is the right moment for Leclerc.

"With two drivers in a team there must be a number one and a number two, having two number ones never works."

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  • Kelli Francis
    I’m open minded about the move. I fear it may be too soon, but other drivers have proved it can be done. He’s an exceptional talent for sure, but there’s no pressure quite like that of Ferrari and the Tifosi. I hope he does well.
  • Mike Collada
    Based on this simple-minded logic, that means Hamilton was the official #2 driver at Mercedes a couple years ago when Rosberg won the championship.
  • Mark Connolly
    Was Lewis Hamilton drive at McLaren to Soon ? Up against a much tougher team mate who thought he would have No1 Status ?
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    Overrated!! Never in Ferrari works two numbers 1, obviously Vettel is No 1 and Binotto knows it
  • Juby Yaphets Pis
    Overrated af

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