Honda giving Red Bull 'party mode'

Thuesday, 08 january 2019, 05:51 , by Martin Macdonald

Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko has revealed that the team's new engine supplier, Honda, have given them enough gains over the winter that they can now enjoy a 'party mode' - a source of power only previously enjoyed by their rivals, Ferrari and Mercedes.

After a long partnership with Renault, Red Bull opted to change engine suppliers in 2018 after becoming disillusioned with the engine performance provided by the French manufacturer.

Marko has insisted that Honda have already provided significant improvements, meaning that they are now within the same bracket as Ferrari and Mercedes.

"The figures make us really optimistic, also with regard to the increase in performance," Marko told

"For the first time we can also celebrate with a 'party mode'!

"The Honda engine is already slightly above the Renault engine. If you combine our GPS data with the data provided by Honda, we'll be in the Mercedes and Ferrari region.

Marko admits that Ferrari and Mercedes will be working hard on their own gains, but thinks they have so much power already that there is not too much room for improvement.

"Of course they're not sleeping either. But they are already at such a high level that they can no longer make such jumps.

"Even if we should be 10 or 15 kW behind, that was no different in our Renault era with the eight-cylinder engine. We can make up for that."

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  • John-Peter Warren
    Max Verstappen leads the Australian GP “one lap before finish” AND THATS MAX VERSTAPPEN PULLING ASIDE AND RETIRING HIS CAR - Crofty
  • James Wolford
    Think they are telling Marko what he wants to hear. There is no party mode they are just giving them a new button to push
  • Henri Stevens
    Honda builds a world champion motor cycle engine . What makes you think they cannot build an F1 engine,? Dick heads
  • Dan Rose
    Wasnt there an artical saying the honda cant run at full power cause of vibrations
  • Henk Poolen
    And all haters hope it will fail . If Honda wil perform than max wil be unbietable .
  • Leaston Subramany
    They will have it but how long will the engines last?
  • Dale Elliott
    Party mode = dies after lap 21 and you go to the bar early
  • Franz Dale
    krrgghhssshhhh.. smoke coming out!! and max is out of the race...
  • ????? ??????
    Apparently not everyone knows what that mode is ..
  • Clayton Lawrence
    Dale party mode is the one that comes after limp mode ;)
  • Ujjal Singh Sardar
    Just to confuse and play mind games with Danny ric. All bullshit.
  • Kevin Paul
    Party mode will make it pop
  • Sanaj Sangamnerkar
    Kaizu DarukhanawalaRidhant Sangamnerkar
  • Fivos Freeke
    I hope they achieve it
  • Jonathan Carre
    We'll see...
  • Todd Morrison
    Believe it when I see it
  • Max Rossa
    bluff, that s all it is
  • Matt McElvany
    Loooool sure

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