'Arrivabene removed as Ferrari team principal'

Monday, 07 january 2019, 04:39 , by Matthew Scott

Maurizio Arrivabene will be removed as Ferrari team principal and replaced by Mattia Binotto, according to reports in Italy. Arrivabene and Binotto have been reported to have been at odds for several months and Gazzetta dello Sport now claim that the technical chief has won out.

Arrivabene was appointed team principal by Sergio Marchionne in 2014 and has helped lead a revival in Ferrari's fortunes, lifting them back into title contention.

However, the Scuderia have fallen short in the last two years – Sebastian Vettel unable to end the dominance of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

Ferrari are yet to make an official announcement, but Gazzetta claim that confirmation could follow shortly as they look to hit the ground running in 2019.

Arrivabene had been linked with the CEO role at Italian football giants Juventus last year, but professed his commitment to Ferrari.

However it appears that his time in charge of the Scuderia's racing operations has now come to an end.

Binotto replaced James Allison as Ferrari technical director in 2016, having previously led the team's power unit development.

It is interesting to note that Ferrari made impressive gains in the power stakes in 2018, appearing to have eclipsed Mercedes for horsepower at several races last year – perhaps strengthening Binotto's hand with new Ferrari chief John Elkann, who stepped into the breach last year after the sudden death of Marchionne.

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  • Steven Miller
    It was written all over his face at the end of last season; Hamilton haters, pundits and media can bury their heads in the sand all they like, Ferrari had the best car and still lost the titles comfortably. Maranello heads were always going to roll.
  • Daphne Pachera
    Fuori Arrivabene!!!!!Sono solo che contenta, negli ultimi anni ha solo che penalizzato Vettel e soprattutto Kimi con le sue strategie del c.... o.
  • James Lewis
    How is it this man fault when Vettel was underperforming so many time? Monza, Hockenheim, Baku, USA. He was horrible
  • Kevin Ellis
    And they wonder why they are not quite there , if the chief don’t preform get them out ..... this is not football ffs
  • John Hutchinson
    That is sad...just goes to show nice guys finish last (or at least are expendable). He is a good man.
  • Anthony Louloudis
    Mr "LeavingGood".....so long mate!! LEWIS x6 2019!!!!!!!!
  • Daniel Alic
    Liam Dhaliwal was bound to happen, shame as I liked him
  • Kevin Ellis
    Shame he was just about too get the team back on track
  • Mark Mtema Banda
    One the news I have been praying for since Monza
  • Alion Alushi
    Niko Stefani Vasilis Poulogiannis Fani Nako me ne fund!!!
  • Doli Ete
    I hope the strategiest has changed too...
  • Daniel Okely
    Scott Davidson Callum Davidson
  • Matthew Cornelio
    Angelo Santini Daniel Gonzalez
  • Minas Petrou
    Then you should drop vettel too. Malakes
  • Adam Topic
    Stefan Topic this guy is a pimp hey hahahaha
  • Kristian Finn
    Troy Brudenell Adrian Finn Dean Wilson Ben James
  • Marty Farrer-Williams
    Lynda Farrer-Sharp Britoni Farrer-Williams
  • Kisanga Devendra
    Useless anyway Scott Gower Tom Zaslona
  • Joe Taylor
    Arrivabene it's James
  • Aidan Millward
    Mauricio, its Enzo...

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