Wolff wants to retain fan support despite Mercedes success

Sunday, 06 january 2019, 09:25 , by Martin Macdonald

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has confessed that he hopes casual Formula 1 fans will continue to support the team despite them winning five consecutive constructor's championships, as people tend to get behind the underdog rather than serial winners - which the Silver Arrows now are.

In the V6 Turbo Hybrid era in F1, Mercedes have won every constructor's title, with Lewis Hamilton also collecting four driver's championships in that time.

As Liberty Media attempt to level the playing field in the near future by adding spending caps, Wolff is hoping to retain fans even if other teams improve.

"I think it is in the nature of the fan that you cheer for the underdog," Wolff told Reuters.

"Serial winners lose a little bit of appeal.

"What we are trying to do is to approach our sport and our participation with modesty and humility, not take anything for granted.”

As well as keeping fans, Wolff believes it is important that Mercedes don't become complacent in their quest for more success.

"We should never ever have a feeling of entitlement of winning," the Austrian continued.

"You can, to a certain degree, if you stay true to these values continue to grow your fan following and continue to have the fans cheering for you although you have won a few times in a row,"

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  • Steven Miller
    Casuals were driven away by the red team in 2002, years of rule changes and decent racing overall since has gradually earned a few back. If 2014-16 didn't make them tune out, I don't see why they would now, it's only Lewis that's keeping Merc's status as champions going.
  • Eric Matthews
    I just want to see him crash or have mechanical problems every race so someone else can win
  • Erik Henriksen
    I am a BIG fan off Hamilton and Mercedes. Hope they win the World Championship in 2019.
  • Mary Seeker
    did you know ESPN is not showing qualifying on US TV?

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