Hamilton: Vettel knows dominance is no fluke

Saturday, 05 january 2019, 08:45 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton believes Sebastian Vettel is happy to accept that he has been the best driver in Formula 1 through his recent run of dominance. Hamilton has won four of the last five drivers' championships as Mercedes have stolen a march on their rivals in the V6 Hybrid era.

Hamilton has won 51 of the 100 races since the beginning of 2014, Vettel's career win total is 52 – despite enjoying a similarly glittering run between 2010-2013, when he and Red Bull were crowned champion each year.

Vettel and Ferrari have brought the fight to Hamilton and the Silver Arrows in recent seasons, falling short in 2017 and 2018, but going close.

And Hamilton hopes that his key rival recognises his achievements in the same way that he does Vettel's previously.

"No matter what we've been through in the past, things that we've done, I think Sebastian knows how hard it is to do what we do," Hamilton said in a feature on Mercedes' website.

"And he knows that it's not by luck that the results have been the way they have.

"When he's won his championships it's not been by luck and vice versa."

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Comments (12)

  • Chris Harris
    Formula 1 is about the car. That’s why the teams get paid on the constructors championship. I’ve watched F1 for almost 30 years and in my opinion the only driver I saw win consistently with a substandard car or a car equally matched was Senna. Anyone can win with a Merc. Let’s see Hamilton win with a Williams or Renault. That is why Bottas stands out as such a topic of negative discussion. I honestly think that Merc kept him only because they know he will stay quiet and block for Hamilton. He has no fire in his belly to win. This year I’m guessing Hamilton will run away with the championship. Now that RB is stuck with Honda, Merc has no real competition.
  • Bryan Falcon
    “Glittering run between 2010-2013” WRONG. Alonso came close twice to winning the driver’s title in 2010 and 2012 but was denied the title because of Vitaly Petrov (2010) and the Spa / Japan crash (2012) respectively. Those two years, Vettel just got lucky with the driver’s championship because Alonso faced bad luck on his part. So it wasn’t so much the car. Luck played a part too. And if Alonso came that close to winning on two occasions, it shows that racing for the championship those years required skill too.
  • Steven Miller
    "When he's won the championships, it's not been by luck" Very true Lewis, it was because of Newey's diffusers Good on him for speaking his mind though, by now he must find these attempts to undermine his insanely good driving last season extremely tiresome.
  • Nick Tata
    Dominance comes from being a “good” driver with a “great” car. Not a great driver with a good car. Both Hamilton and Vettel (and even Alonso) have lost championships because they didn’t have the best car.
  • Hans Vanmulukom
    Im not a hamilton fan but you have to give credit where credit is due, hamilton rose to the occasion when the going got tough and vettel faltered
  • Johan Kloppers
    I Remember explicitly when Hamilton said veey much the opposite when Vettel was winning and he was not.....wanker.
  • Matt Boutell
    Let's face it, the Ferrari was a better car last year, but Lewis just about kept his cool and Vettel drowned himself
  • Michael Mondor
    Reverse the roles and put better in the silver arrows and see where he ends up
  • Christian Iannotta
    2015 was the car 2016 was the car 2017 debatable 2018 was the driver
  • Kenneth Petrie
    Hamilton is outstanding, the best of his generation.
  • Per Axblom
    And now Lewis wins because he have the best car.

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