Verstappen: If only my teammate was as slow as Bottas!

Friday, 28 december 2018, 10:29 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen aimed a thinly veiled dig at Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, saying he would likely be as quick as the five-time world champion if he were partnered with a teammate "who is not so fast" like the Finn at Red Bull.

Verstappen finished 2018 strongly to take fourth place in the drivers' standings despite a difficult start to the campaign which saw him make errors across each of the first six races.

He was still over 150 points adrift of champion Hamilton, who won 11 races while Bottas went through the season without a grand prix win.

While Verstappen had to battle Ricciardo – to costly consequences at time, as in Baku – the Dutchman believes Hamilton's dominance over his teammate helped him perform to a higher standard.

"Most drivers would become world champions in that car," Verstappen told AD. "Especially if you have a teammate next to you who is not so fast. 

"If your teammate always drives so far behind, it is very easy to collect points. 

"Of course I had Daniel Ricciardo much closer to me. Then you really have to fight for your points. 

"There at Mercedes it was a completely different story. Hamilton, of course, fought against Ferrari, always had to stay sharp. But sometimes I sometimes think: the lesser your teammate is, the more relaxed you can drive yourself. 

"And then you also know that the team is fully geared towards you. That only makes you faster."

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Comments (27)

  • Anthony Cummings
    Max seems to be having regular swipes at Lewis’ achievements as of late. Almost every F1 fan will agree that Ferrari had the better car in 2018, but max seems to think the Merc was far and away the quicker car, now this Bottas dig is yet another undermining of the great year Hamilton has had. It’s amazing how much he has changed in less than a year. I used to actually like the guy but he’s showing how salty he can be.
  • Kelly Mattes
    Well, he had a pretty slow teammate this year. 14 to 7 in qualifying is pretty bad and considering the 20 year old kid crashed while leading in time at Monaco he should have lead 15 to 6. Ricardo, Botas and Kimi were all slower than their teammates and it showed in the end.
  • Michael Petrashko
    A few drivers would be world champion in the Mercedes but they would have to be beat Lewis, meaning at most 2 or 3 at very best. Without Lewis there it might be another 2 or 3 more at very best. Now that Max can drink he must be going overtime talking during the festive season.
  • Steven Miller
    Big Max fan, but when reading all of his words there, they ultimately come across as being a bit salty. Ask Fernando Alonso how dealing with Lewis Hamilton in the same car is. One day kiddo, yes, this house will indeed be yours. Ya ain't there yet though...
  • Simon Sosa
    I used to like this annoying fuck, never gonna be a world champion unless he learns how to keep it together for a full season and not crash 5 races in a row.
  • Kenneth Petrie
    Lewis won a world championship before he had that car. The Mercedes also broke on him many times. Verstappen will be great but he isn't there yet.
  • Greg Tanner
    What a friggin toolhes trying to get Bottas sacked so he can have his seat cause he knows RedBullShit are going to fail with honda
  • Justin Welsh
    Max needs to shut his mouth otherwise some of these other drivers are going to smash the entitled little wanker.
  • Kevin Paul
    Maybe it’s the media twisting his words but if not he will soon become unpopular with his claims and self appraisals
  • Ann Harre
    Max if I was you I would keep my mouth shut .Your verbal rubbish does your shares no good at all. Bruce Harre.
  • Geert Vermulst
    People don’t likt the directness of the Dutch they want these prefabricated media training noncense
  • Jonathon Francis
    Also Vestappen: “If everyone on the track was a bit slower then I could definitely do better”
  • Trance Po
    If everyone was not slower than him, he will ask everyone to wait for him, like how he asked Raikkonen~
  • Marjorie Brassart
    If you need your teammate to be slow to win then you ain't world champion material.
  • Daniel Cheong
    He just made my F1 season next year more exciting to see him lose out again..
  • Margarita Herrera P.T.
    You are so immature and stupid!!! ??
  • Tom Schultz
    I assume that they did not exchange Christmas cards.
  • Don Garner
    ....depends on your definition of 'slow'.....Einstein...
  • Shijil Hashim
    Poor Bottas! Getting roaster even during holidays..
  • Dmimasa GT
    Anyone remembers how many times Lewis wins was kinda gifted

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