Red Bull considering quitting F1 for Le Mans

Wednesday, 26 december 2018, 05:48 , by Matthew Scott

Red Bull could quit Formula 1 in order to pursue success in the World Endurance Championship alongside Aston Martin if Liberty Media's much-vaunted 2021 reboot of the sport is not to their liking, the team's motorsport advisor Dr Helmut Marko has revealed.

A new life as Honda's factory partner awaits Red Bull for the next two years is on the immediate horizon, but the future for the whole of F1 beyond that remains shrouded in mystery.

Chase Carey's seeming inability to make ground on a new Concorde Agreement has seen F1's share price plummet, while a host of big-name drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo have previously suggested they will not make a decision to remain on the grid until more details are announced.

And with Ferrari having previously suggested that their famous red cars could also be pulled out in 2021, Red Bull's latest claim is another blow to F1's American owners.

"We have an agreement until 2020," Marko told Autosport. "As long as there is no engine regulation and no Concorde Agreement, neither Red Bull nor Honda will make a decision.

"However, we will certainly not become dependent again, as we have been in the past, when we were begging others and statements and promises were not kept.

"Stop is the option. Or do something else, other racing series."

With WEC rules set to change in 2020 to welcome hypercars into the series, it could open the door for Red Bull to enter the Le Mans 24 Hours alongside Aston Martin using the Valkyrie model that was concocted in part by Red Bull's aerodynamicist ace Adrian Newey.

"With the Valkyrie, Le Mans could be an option with hypercar rules. We went through with it, and it's a sensational success," Marko added.

"The cars were all sold out immediately. That's another good pillar for Red Bull Technologies.

"If there was a cost cap in Formula 1, we would have to cut people. We don't necessarily want that. We could then use them in such projects [as Le Mans].

"It still looks like you can run in the WEC at a reasonable cost with the base of our Valkyrie.

"Although Red Bull has never been to the 24 Hours, that's something we're thinking about.

"The main financial burden would be on Aston Martin, which is also clear, because at Le Mans the manufacturer wins. But that would fit into our concept."

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  • Chris Matthews
    F1 is dying, it's being strangled with to many regulation changes, to big a schedule and constant rule tinkering. Circuits can't afford to pay the ever increasing levy imposed upon them, fans can't afford the sky high ticket costs required to see the usual queue of cars called a race and armchair enthusiasts have to pay for view. LEMS, WEC, BTCC, WRC are all free to view, cheaper tickets with access to cars and drivers, exciting to watch (usually) and have that long forgotten thing to F1 called 'racing'. I don't even watch the highlights of F1 anymore as the theme music at the beginning and end are the best bits.
  • Gary Miller
    Red Bull bought Jaguar in 2006 which was previously Stewart racing. Half the grid can be traced back to teams from the 90's or earlier under different ownership. It's almost like a franchise system now. Owners come and go but Red Bull will still be around under a new name and a new owner. No one will miss Red Bull.
  • Matthew Turner
    A lot like Supercars Australia, when viewing rights were free to air and all races were on tv they had a huge following and then the rights were sold to Foxtel and 10 you only see highlights of certain races on FTA and Foxtel is full of ads
  • Beth Evans
    i can see why it’s something that could happen as F1 has pretty much lost its excitement, i mean most finishes are like noah’s ark! e.g 2 mercedes, 2 ferrari’s, 2 redbull, etc.....BOOOOORING!
  • Werner Bosman
    I don't blame them. F1 has lost that racing factor.. Now days you have to pace thar car. No flat out racing cause it will hurt you in the end.
  • Steo Foy
    Red Bull have been saying they want to quit ever since they stopped winning titles. F1 don't need Red Bull. A See ya
  • Jody Harrison
    They have no reason to do that. They're just talking shit, like Ferrari has been doing for years.
  • Stephen Turner
    Meh - it's just posturing by Helmut Marko as a bargaining ploy. Meaningless.
  • Mark Connolly
    Leave then don’t talk about it just go biggest whining team on the grid
  • Michael Swales
    Just like the Americans if it is not there way change it and it still won't work
  • Dexter Williams
    Redbull has been threatening to quit every year since 2014.
  • Salvatore Lombardo
    Jank team minder Marcel Nijhout en Amersfortzia Angelo ..
  • Jeff Meserve
    By the time Liberty is done there won't be anything to quit.
  • Karl Davy
    goodbye ... dont let that door hit your ass on the way out !!!
  • Daniel Cheong
    Not winning = considering quitting
  • Tony Webb
    Bye then, close the door on your way out
  • Iúri Pacheco
    Have they see that Honda engine is so shity?
  • Nathan Houston
    Bye don’t let the door hit you on the way out
  • Steve Noel
    Go on fuck off good riddance !
  • Kristian Finn
    Troy Brudenell Dean Wilson Ben James

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