Red Bull claim best chassis of 2018

Saturday, 22 december 2018, 11:11 , by Matthew Scott

Christian Horner suggested Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen would have been 2018's team to beat in Formula 1, if power unit output were uniform across the grid, insisting that his Red Bull team were responsible for producing the best chassis of any outfit this year.

Red Bull took victories in Monaco and Mexico – typically the two races on the calendar which favours downforce over engine power.

Max Verstappen pushed Lewis Hamilton hard on the tight and twisting Singapore street circuit to add further credence to Horner's claims.

"I think RB14 has been a very strong car," Horner told Motorsport. "I think arguably it's been the strongest chassis of the season.

"If you were to equalise the power between the top three teams I think you'd see that RBR14 has been an extremely good race car.

"Look at whenever the power unit hasn't been a factor, or as predominant a factor – we won in Monaco even with an MGU-K failure, we were second in Singapore, we won in Mexico again when altitude played a key role. Those races we've been particularly strong in.

"Obviously we tend to run lower downforce levels to try and create the same top speeds, and as soon as you try to trim wing to do that you introduce other compromises into the handling of the car.

"But when we've able to run full spec – we should have had a front row lock-out in Monaco, and we had one in Mexico."

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Comments (29)

  • Henk Vande Wetering
    When you see the raceresults the Renault motor is almost competitive to Ferrari and Renault. Next year RedBull wit Honda motor. They say that motor is better but there is no prove. Next year Ricciardo more points then Verstappen?
  • Federico Tombolini
    They still don't understand that the engine is part of the car and if the supplier is not good enough you can: 1) look for another one 2) not to criticize 3) become a engine constructor.
  • David Tan
    LoL. Be humble. Don't hit your own face next year with the best car and Honda better than Renault claim. It will be a whole new beginning in a new season
  • Will Martinez
    Oh please!!! They had the most downforce, not the best car. More downforce equals slower speed.. cant blame renault entirely for the lack of straight line speed!
  • James Brown
    They definatley had the best car just look at the red bulls in the corners give them a merc engine and they would probably could have won in 2018
  • Guy Fleshbourne
    Towards the end of the season they did. Not at the beginning or mid season. I don't care if anyone disagrees.
  • Martyn West
    Overall, I think Ferrari did. Their season was let down by poor strategy calls and driver errors.
  • Max Rossa
    a pile of pointless claims, is all.i hear from redbull recently. like their scared of somthing
  • Lj Wilson
    How many DNF’s did Danny Ric have? Think that proves other cars were “best”
  • James Davies
    Not sure ricciardo would agree after the last 6 months
  • Shuaib Sheik
    Lol best chassis maybe but overall Ferrari had the best car.
  • Matt Knight
    If you took all the engines out they might have the best car
  • Laurence Barnes
    Considering the shitbox in the back of it, it was damn neat close.
  • James Wolford
    Hahahaha Alonso made the same claim about the McLaren.
  • Ed Mendez
    To finish first, one must first finish. So... no.
  • Don Crompton
    Tbh if they had on par power they could be right.
  • Enyo Pinto
    Cuz hungary is such a powertrack right
  • Oliver Fabian
    Power Unit is part of the car so no, they didn't.
  • Henk Poolen
    Yes the best car but a shit engine
  • Jonathan Carre
    The engine is part of the car...

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