Kubica hits back at Vettel

Thursday, 20 december 2018, 04:21 , by Matthew Scott

Robert Kubica has responded to claims from Sebastian Vettel that he had "mixed feelings" about the Pole's return to Formula 1 in 2019. The Ferrari driver had pointed out that Kubica's comeback at the age of 34 could block opportunities for younger drivers trying to make it to F1.

Esteban Ocon and Sergey Sirotkin were those to lose out on the Williams seat when Kubica was hired.

Of course, Kubica's return has a definite positive angle, given his eight-year comeback from life-altering arm injuries that were sustained in a rally crash in 2011.

Vettel recently told Blick: "On the one hand, it pleases me personally. No one can ever imagine how hard it was for him and what he went through. On the other hand, there are also young drivers who deserve a chance."

Kubica has little concerns about Vettel's recent discussion and cheekily pointed out that Vettel – just three years his junior – could be guilty of similar.

"Everyone has their own opinion," Kubica told RMF FM.

"Not everyone has to be happy that I am coming back. Certainly when it comes to other drivers, it's normal that the competition is big.

"You also can't really say that Vettel is a lot younger than me. On the other hand, there are a lot of young drivers who are entering F1. My team-mate for example."

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  • Pedro Dias da Silva
    Kubica is for sure as he’s been away for so long and Williams has been signing new drivers for years now and this year they could have signed Ocon or Wehrlein. Vettel has fighting for the Championship in Ferrari, a team that never signs young drivers. Leclerc is the youngest driver to sign for Ferrari since Pedro Rodriguez
  • Tyler Saulay
    Seb did great in the best car on the grid last season . Well for 70% of the season the Ferrari was better.
  • Luke Maddox
    Vettel the flog blocks everyone's drive otherwise Ricciardo would be in a Ferrari n World Champion
  • Gareth Lunn
    So vettel worried about him coming back does he know something about next years williams we dont
  • Estelle Toulmin
    You give it to him Kubica, you earned your spot, can't wait for the come back!!!
  • Kevin Paul
    We will be saying the same for Vettel in a few years
  • Sauly Bishara
    Nah it’s those drivers with money-over-talent.
  • Brian O Donovan
    Bob ten times better than Sirotkin or Wehrlein...

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