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2018 season not easy on the mind, says Vettel

2018 season not easy on the mind, says Vettel



2018 season not easy on the mind, says Vettel

2018 season not easy on the mind, says Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has conceded that the emotional rollercoaster which was the 2018 Formula 1 season in which he failed to win the driver's championship against Lewis Hamilton was "not easy" on his mind, whilst also revealing the reason he was quieter than usual over team radio.

The German and Hamilton were once again the two top performers during the campaign, and swapped the top position in the rankings on a number of occasions. However, after the death of CEO, Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari's form dropped alongside that of Vettel, allowing Mercedes to take the advantage.

Vettel received his fair share of criticism for a number of high-profile mistakes, and he claims the pressure to success wasn't always helpful for him mentally.

"From the outside, only the results can be seen. But of course there are many things happening behind the scenes. In this respect, it was not an easy season. Yes, I know that it was not easy. Also from the mind," he told BLICK when asked how a rollercoaster season can affect the mind.

Vettel has become famed for his colourful outbursts over team radio, whether they are brewed by success or failure, but was quieter in 2018. He says the reason for this is that he has learned from past mistakes about being too outspoken.

"If you are passionate about this sport, you have to expect the pendulum to break out on both sides," the German continued.

"So there is not just the cheering. But you can not always win – and then in the first moment often emotions are coming out. Maybe I also learned from my mistakes from the past."

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