Verstappen challenge holds no fear for Gasly

Saturday, 08 december 2018, 08:51 , by Matthew Scott

Pierre Gasly says the prospect of going up against Max Verstappen at Red Bull next year is nothing to fear, despite the Dutchman's growing dominance over the team. Daniel Ricciardo's departure to Renault was reported to have been partly founded in an increasing favouritism enjoyed by Verstappen.

Gasly's graduation through the Red Bull ranks will be complete when he lines up in Australia next year as part of the senior squad, having spent time in junior formulae and with Toro Rosso in F1.

Although most opinion dictates that the Frenchman is more likely to play second fiddle to the occasionally fiery Verstappen, Gasly is confident that he will earn his stripes in 2019.

"I'm not afraid, it's up to me to make a place for myself in the team," Gasly said.

"Max is obviously a strong personality, he's well established in the team and has more experience than me.

"He's got more experience with the team. He is who he is, and it will be up to me make my place.

"I'm not like Daniel, I'm someone different. I'm not like Max. I've got my own personality."

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  • John Mansfield
    Would love to see Gasley beat max this year! He’s become too self righteous and believes his own hype! Then when he crashes into other people he blames them! Vettel is the same!
  • Patrick Midgley
    Bumper cars lol

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