Kimi Raikkonen got hammered at the FIA Prize Giving gala and everyone loves it

Saturday, 08 december 2018, 04:52 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel knew it, Minttu watched on with all the anxiety of the person who would have to deal with it, but we all absolutely loved it. Kimi Raikkonen enjoyed himself to the fullest at the FIA Prize Giving gala on Friday, getting absolutely sozzled. Here are some of our favourite reactions.

Your 2018 FIA prize giving driver of the day is... from r/formula1
Kimi just wants to race from r/formuladank
Drunk Kimi is the best from r/formula1

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Comments (41)

  • Felice van Keulen
    Don't get me wrong, I just LOVE Kimi, but when this had been Max the FIA would have been all over him shouting that his behavior was inappropriate and a bad exemple for our youngsters.....such hypocrites.
  • Richard Golen
    Leave him alone he knows what he’s drinking! Is it true Finlandia will one of his sponsors next year!
  • Max Matthey
    When you get 3rd in the F1 championship and still get kicked out of Ferrari. #gokimi
  • Jarl A. B. Teien
    Now imagine if Hamilton did this, everyone would go batshit crazy and call him out.
  • Sabrina Søgård Rasmussen
    Louise Pilgaard Steffen Norby Søgaard
  • Victor Pimentel
    Chris SzucsanyChris le gars est bourré, au calme !
  • Kisanga Devendra
    Scott Gower Tom Zaslona our boy knows how to party!
  • Sue Wragg
    Kimi-Cam should become a thing :)
  • Jayson McDonald
    Tony McDonald Kimi is a legend
  • Denny Rademakers
    Roy Rademakers Jarno Pals Jan van Meel
  • Jo AnnaOc
    Best FIA party EVER!!!! love Kimi
  • Tonka Deli?
    Anita Šoštari? kimi nikad ne razo?ara.
  • Pedro Sabag
    Emmanuel Ru D kimi andaba bien pedo jajaja
  • Ilona Termaat
    Lydia I love all Finnish people ?
  • Johanna Luomala
    Connagh Flynn
  • Nick Cameron
    Steve Cameron
  • Lavan Rajmohan
    James Redmond
  • Amanda Stewart-Sinclair
    Sarah Stewart
  • Christian Andersen Jensen
    Martin Eduard Muus
  • Nicole Lyon
    Alannah Williams

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