Gasly expects Honda to close Mercedes, Ferrari gap

Wednesday, 05 december 2018, 04:45 , by Matthew Scott

Pierre Gasly has backed Honda to close the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari in Formula 1's battle for horsepower as Red Bull hope for the boost needed to put the Frenchman, Max Verstappen and the team into title contention next year.

Gasly will step up from Toro Rosso for next year, having worked with Honda throughout 2018 and previously during his time in Super Formula.

After four years of title dominance with Renault, the dawning of the V6 Hybrid era has seen Mercedes take over as F1's prominent force and Red Bull's relationship with the French marque grow increasingly fractious.

Despite Honda's previously messy partnership with McLaren upon its F1 return, Red Bull have spoken with regular confidence that things will be different next year, something Gasly also believes.

Asked by Sky Sports if Honda will be able to match the power of Mercedes and Ferrari, Gasly said: "Pretty close. I really believe in this project and I can see how much work and dedication they are putting [in].

"I'm sure they are going to close it at some point.

"We just need to give them time but I'm sure with the experience of Red Bull, mixing these two really strong companies, they will come up with something really exciting for next year."

Gasly will fill the Red Bull seat vacated by Daniel Ricciardo's switch to Renault, having impressed against Brendon Hartley in the team's junior outfit in 2018.

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Comments (18)

  • Eathan Haywood-Weeb
    Honda have made a huge leap this year, and I expect they’ll make big gains next year too. Their Red Bull partnership is much less toxic than their McLaren partnership and they’re able to actually get shit done now. I expect they’ll be a somewhat close 3rd on power by 2020 if their form carries on, but they need to work bloody hard to get there.
  • Stuart Williamson
    Deluded.. merc and ferrari are gonna gain 0.5 too 1 second a lap in performance over the break. So too close the gap honda will have too improve more than those 2... hmmmmmmm notngonna happen
  • Dennis Iyo
    well hope it comes true for Gasly. may be he is able to understand and communicate with Honda engineers from racing in japan.
  • Kenneth Petrie
    Well lets hope they do. It would be good to see Renault and Honda improve for the good of the sport.
  • Karthik Rupakula
    Interesting! That’s what Renault said last year and they finished 4th.
  • Tim Joyce
    Ol G’s somebody put a lid on these guy he seems to be a lot recently........
  • Malik Qaiser
    He is Right BuT Force India Mercedes & Toro Rosso Ferrari
  • Clayton Lawrence
    Dale another delusional Red Bull driver. Horner must have brain washed them.
  • Karl Davy
    no if anything they need to close the gap to renault
  • Christian Iannotta
    The gap is so large they could “close” it and still be way off
  • John M Frania
    A 2019 Honda vs what year Merc or Ferrari?
  • Claudia Garcia Lopez
    Is he on drugs?? Lol, I wish that would happen
  • Trance Po
    Not Vestappen looking for plan B???
  • Thomas Bachmann
    I wish but...
  • Armando Marossini
    Please be serious Pierre!

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