Hamilton 'would have won' the title with Ferrari in 2018

Thuesday, 04 december 2018, 06:05 , by Martin Macdonald

Former Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo believes that Lewis Hamilton performed his best season since his debut in the 2018 Formula 1 campaign, and reckons that he would have won the championship even if he was driving for the Prancing Horse rather than Mercedes.

Hamilton was embroiled in a fierce battle with Sebastian Vettel this season, particularly in the first half of the campaign, but after the summer break Ferrari suffered from a downturn in form which allowed the Brit, and Mercedes, to go on and claim their respective titles.

Montezemolo is eager not to lay the blame for Ferrari's failures on Vettel, but thinks the team would have won had they had Hamilton in their ranks.

"This year Hamilton made the difference in his best season since his debut," the Italian said.

"He has had moments of weakness and crisis, but this year with Ferrari he would have won. I say that not to belittle Vettel, who has every opportunity to rebuild with a competitive car."

Montezemolo still considers Vettel to be one of the best drivers on the grid, but insists that Ferrari need to do more to support the German, even if he did make high-profile mistakes.

"Ferrari did a good car this year, which in some situations was even better than Mercedes. But the final part was missing," he continued.

"Vettel made some decisive mistakes, but for the world championship you have to do everything to keep him up. He is a driver of the highest order and always close to the team.

"In frustration he must be supported, even more so with the arrival of a very strong boy (Charles Leclerc) with a great future.

"[Michael] Schumacher also made mistakes in the first days, but it is always important to speak clearly in the locker room and support the team in public."

Vettel finished second in the drivers' championship for 2018, and after the departure of Kimi Raikkonen from Ferrari, he will be joined by Leclerc for 2019.

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  • James Mackay Campbell
    Regarding the programme transmission, why does the director consistently focus on a driver making his way back to the pits after, for example, a breakdown or an accident during a critical period of the race. Perhaps Liberty media could deal with this!
  • Duncan Christopher H
    Hamilton NEVER would have won the title with Ferrari, the Merc was just better than the Ferrari overall in 2018.
  • Steven Miller
    Lewis' margin of victory would have been even wider in the best car on the grid. Yes kids, it was, deal with that reality.
  • Christopher Thiesen
    Vettel made too many stupid mistakes in the second half of the year !!!!! He's the reason he didn't win the championship !!!!!
  • Jim Hardwick
    Of course Lewis would have won. That's why has all the Seb arse lickers are throwing their dolls out the pram.
  • Kristian Luso
    Ferrari support Vettel more than enough. He is just to stupid to finish the races in good results
  • Daniel Cheong
    Even if he's in car 44, he will still not win the championship with those kind of mistakes...
  • Per Axblom
    Ferrar had the slower car therefor Kimi and Seb needed to push harder and more misstakes come.
  • Greg Valdez
    Well that's at least one Ferrari guy with some common sense. 100% HAM is WDC in either car this year.
  • Johan Kloppers
    Probably the Red Bull or wait a minute....he would have done it in the Sauber. Wanker comment!
  • James Heeley
    Ferrari was the best car with a shit driver and one who wasn't aloud to win
  • Robert Sarlija
    i would love to see Verstappen in Ferrari after Seb.
  • Dan Apetroae
    Formula 1 Fanpage your English level is poor
  • Karthik Sivasamy
    He needs a wingman for that buddy
  • Dan Dailey
    Stoking the fire/poking the bear..
  • Gary Hilliard
    Who cares about stupid speculation?
  • Chimwemwe Chikwana
    Even with Williams
  • Jamie Paget
    No he wouldn't.
  • Jody Harrison
    That's a lie, lol.

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