'Hamilton crashes in Superbike test'

Sunday, 02 december 2018, 08:00 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton took a tumble while testing World Superbike machinery in Jerez on Friday, according to a report in Gazzetta dello Sport. Hamilton was in Spain to test a Yamaha YZF-R1 Superbike, but scraped the tarmac on one lap, escaping apparently unharmed.

Hamilton is a known fan of action on two wheels and has previously teased the idea of taking part in MotoGP or World Superbikes.

He had a chance to sample the action at Jerez as he tested the bike used by Yamaha-backed WSBK teams in 2018.

Hamilton's ride was blacked-out, with only his racing number – 44 – featured on the underside of the saddle.

According to Gazzetta, Hamilton took a spill at Jerez's turn five, but was soon up and back on two wheels again.

Hamilton shared the track with WSBK competitors Alex Lowes and Michael van der Mark – the trio are sponsored by energy-drink company Monster.

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  • Debby Ingoldsby-Baillargeon
    "Hamilton crashes" says the headline "HAMILTON CRASHES!!" open up the article first words you see"Hamilton took a tumble"!! CRASHES!!!!! to tumble......fake!
  • Zoan Kulinski
    I bet MZB will be having words with Hammi baby. Most F1 contracts have a "no motorcycle racing" clause.
  • James Brown
    Least he never crashed into a wall whilst leading
  • Hassaan Ahmed
    Maybe his team mate didn't follow the "team orders" ;)
  • Jeff Larsen
    Is he still breathing, have both his legs, both his hands?
  • Dexter Martínez

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