VIDEO: New graphics for 2019 F1 coverage revealed

Saturday, 01 december 2018, 08:26 , by Matthew Scott

New graphics to potentially be used on Formula 1 coverage in 2019 have been revealed as Liberty Media's evolution of the show of the sport continues at pace. The new visuals show the chances of an overtake happening while cars spar on track, as well as further illustrations of car performance and pit-stop advantages.

F1 has produced the new graphics on 2018 footage in order to give fans an idea of what to expect, as well as inviting feedback on them.

The Azerbaijan GP in 2018 saw the debut of new graphics which covered the halo of some cars – a bugbear among many fans – relaying information like speed and braking power.

Liberty has made it clear that a major part of the planned shake-up for F1 will focus on the television product and next year's new menu of graphics is just another part of that.

Check out the proposals below…




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Comments (27)

  • Martin Elliott
    The trouble with the Halo graphics is tey are so 'busy' you can read them or watch the racing. I assume the Overtake probability is for the TV Producer & Team, so they don't follow several laps of preparation, the cut to others as the pass goes in !!! I'd want the option to turn all these graphic off. Most fans aren't Americans, we know what's going on or know half the 'data' is irrelevant.
  • Perrin P.
    It's simple. Fans want better racing. The best way to do that is to keep there race pace as close to qualifying pace as possible Add a mandatory two pitstop race and each second counts not each lap completed. Pit crews have a greater impact on the outcome = an enhanced team effort, shorter lap times = racers performing at their peak vs managing tires to the end.
  • Don Garner
    ...who cares? .....cover the whole f'ing screen! With Babbling Brundle and the rest of the Talking Dead doing endless and mindless commentary the experience is already ruined, nothing could make it worse. After more than 30 years, I'm probably done watching. It's not about driving anymore.
  • Hank Siarczynski
    This is bordering on info-overload. I want to watch a race and not read and interpret data.On the other hand, since most of the action takes place in the first 3 laps, or in the mid-field, guess this is to keep viewers interested?
  • Wesley Hayman
    Just give us drivers lap times rather than gaps or interval times would be so much better. I also liked the breakdown of lap times the did at the start of the season with 6 time sections within each sector. Much more informative.
  • Marty Westcott
    Don’t fix what isn’t broken. So basically they are taking away the anticipation of watching the race with live stats of things happening. I hope SkysportsF1 don’t feature this shit idea.
  • Jamie Paget
    Just fill the sport with Americans, they seem to think we all want American F1 anyway, cut out all the right turns, job done.
  • Tony Webb
    So, not in anyway connected with the opportunity to instantly bet on the outcome then...
  • Kirstie Wyper
    Doesn't matter to us if channel 4 is only showing one live race in 2019
  • Jesse Courchesne
    Seriously I hope the overtake probability is a joke
  • James Johnstone
    Overtake probability is a no but the other two are decent
  • Michael Haskey
    Won't be watching at all now its only on pay to view channel.
  • Aaron Benitez
    Will the races be on ESPN again next season? I hope so.
  • Robert Durrant
    Don’t care now as it’s not free to watch at all now Bye bye
  • Nicolai Padmesh Maagaard
    Morten Simoni Simonsen
  • Kieren Hook
    On the xbox one x aye, not the ps4 pro
  • Paul Compton
    A lot less TV viewers as it's only on sky now.
  • Kristian Finn
    Troy Brudenell Adrian Finn Ben James Dean Wilson
  • Abdullah Sibai
    Who cares, the cars still sound shit.
  • Ben Hall
    Sean Jacobsen Rod Hall Chris Hall Benjamin Scaz

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