VIDEO: Hamilton, Vettel swap helmets after 2018 fight

Monday, 26 november 2018, 05:44 , by Matthew Scott

It's been a long, hard battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1 this year, with the Mercedes man and the Silver Arrows coming out on top of their Ferrari rivals, but there is no doubt that the utmost respect remains between them. After the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Hamilton and Vettel swapped their 2018 helmets in a fine show of admiration between them.

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  • Eathan Haywood-Weeb
    Now if only the fans of each driver could be so respectful to one another. Awesome class by both men, I look forward to seeing them slug it out on track again next year!
  • Kelly Walker
    Ben Wells, if they can be friends I suppose we can be friends
  • ??????? ????????
    Hamilton helmet have 5 stars this helmet have 2.....
  • Konstantinos Svourakis
    ? ?
  • Andrea Davi
    Steve Brittain
  • Ray Bio
    Very classy

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